Defining and Sequencing Project Activities ch. 6

What are the key roles that a project schedule plays in project management?
1. It lists all project activities and the time frame in which they are to be carried out
2. It shows the resources responsible for carrying out activities
Sequence the seven Time Management processes in the correct order.
1. Plan Schedule Management
2.Define Activities
3.Sequence Activities
4.Estimate Activity Resources
5.Estimate Activity Durations
6.Develop Schedule and Control Schedule
Sequence the planning activities so they are in the proper order.
1.Develop the scope
2.Plan resources
3.Develop the schedule
4.Plan the budget
Plan Schedule Management
Define Activities and Sequence Activities
Estimate Activity Resources
Estimate Activity Durations
Develop Schedule
Control Schedule
Monitoring and Controlling
There are four inputs to the Plan Schedule Management process:
•the project management plan
• the project charter
• enterprise environmental factors, and
• organizational process assets
As you begin planning an approach for how your project’s schedule will be managed, you would like to use the schedule management plan from a similar past project as a guide to get you started.

What type of input would that be?

Organizational process assets- An existing schedule management plan from a prior project would be part of the historical records, and therefore is an example of an organizational process asset.v
What is the role of each tool and technique used to plan schedule management?
1.Meetings bring various project team members and experts together so they can plan more effectively
2.Analytical techniques are used to determine the best approaches for planning and managing the schedule
3.Expert judgment is used to gain insight and valuable advice about how to develop the schedule management plan based on past experience
Durations will be estimated based on the schedule of a similar past project
Scheduling tools
Estimates will be rounded to the nearest hour
Units of measure
Numbers in the schedule will represent number of days for completing each task
Units of measure
Actual time may vary from planned time by 3% before taking action
Control thresholds
The specific points in the WBS at which earned value will be calculated
Performance measurement
Provides the hierarchical structure of the work required to produce the deliverables
Contains detailed information about each deliverable and work package
WBS dictionary
Describes the stakeholders’ understanding of the extent of the project from a high-level perspective
Project scope statement
Why is it important to know the relationships between activities?
It helps you put the activities in the right sequence
What types of information do you need to perform the Define Activities process?
1. The WBS and WBS dictionary
2. Required level of detail about project activities
3. Project scope statement
4. Project management information systems
5. Policies and procedures related to activity definition
6. Activity information from past projects
There are three tools and techniques that a project manager can use when defining activities:
• decomposition
• rolling-wave planning, and
• expert judgment
How would you go about defining your project’s activities?
1. You progressively decompose the WBS into activities as milestones are reached, and depending on the amount of information available at the time
What are the tools and techniques that you use to define activities?
1. Decomposition
2. Rolling-wave planning
3. Expert judgment
Activities that occur directly before an activity
Predecessor activities
Activities that occur after an activity
Successor activities
Attributes that specify when an activity begins and finishes in relation to other activities
Logical relationships
Attributes describing what might delay or accelerate an activity
Leads and lags
Elements of the project’s time frame that are beyond the project manager’s control
Imposed dates
Human or material elements needed to get an activity done
Resource requirements
The place where the work will be performed
Work that can be performed by one person in a fixed amount of time
Discrete effort
Work that consists of many parts that can’t be neatly defined
Apportioned effort
Limitations on an activity
Facts that the project manager relies on to be true
What roles does the activity list play in other project management processes?
1. It enables you to track activities in the schedule and project management information systems
2. It provides instructions for the project team members to enable them to carry out the work
What purpose does the activity attribute list serve in project management activities?
1. It enables the project manager to sequence the activities
2. It provides further details the project team uses to carry out the activities
What roles can milestones play in project management?
1. They trigger customer invoicing
2. They initiate closing processes
3. They trigger monitoring and controlling processes
It’s not always obvious how one activity may depend on another.

What do you think can help a project manager identify dependencies among activities?

Input from project team members
What is the purpose of the Sequence Activities process?
To find logical relationships between activities so you can develop a realistic schedule
Activity list
Identifies all the activities to be performed in a project.
Activity attributes
Provides information about each activity, including it relationship to other activities
Milestone list
Identifies key milestone events
Organizational process assets and enterprise environmental factors
Represents policies, guidelines, standards, and systems that affect how you sequence activities
Schedule management plan
Describes how scheduling should be done
An environmental impact study must be conducted before building contracts are granted
Prototypes should undergo a secondary testing phase before production starts
Which functions do the entries in the activity list serve?
-they track activities in the schedule and project management information system.
-they explain the project team members how to carry out the work.
How do activity attributes assist in project management?
-They provide information about the activities that the project team needs to carry out the project work.

-They enable you to sequence activities

What roles do milestones play in project management?
-the trigger the monitoring and controlling processes.
-They trigger the invoicing of the customer.
-They initiate the processes used to close a project or phase.
Which type of information do you need to perform the define activities process?
-Project management information systems
-Required level of detail about the project activities
– Activity information from past projects
-Policies and procedures about activity definition
What tools and techniques can be used to define your projects activities?
-Roll wave planning
-Expert judgment
What are the primary roles of the project schedule?
-It shows the resources responsible fort carrying out activities
-It lists all project activities and the time frame in which they are to be carried out.
There are three tools and techniques used in the Plan Schedule Management process. What role does each one play?
Expert Judgment- provides insight based on experience with past similar projects

Meetings- Bring experts and team members together to share ideas and make decisions

Analytical techniques- are used to sort through options and arrive that the best decisions regarding how to schedule the project.

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