defense to infection Defense Against Infection

Term Definition
Infection the result of pathogens or germs invading the body, multiplying, and harming some of your body's cells
Immune System a combination of bofy defense make up of the cells, tissues, and organs that fight pathogens in the body
Inflammation the bodys response to injury or disease, resultig in a condition of swelling, pain, heat, and redness.
lymphatic system a secondary circulatrtory system that helps the body fight pathogens and maintains its fluids balance.
Antigens substances that send the immune system into action.
Antibodies specific proteins that attach to antigens, keeping them from harming the body.
Immunity the ability to resist the pathogens that cause a particular disease.
Vaccine preparation of dead or weakened pathogens that is introduced into the body to cause an immune response.
Lymphocytes special white blood cells in the blood and lymphatic system.

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