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College Deciding to attend college is the best decision a person can make. Going to college makes a significant impact on a person’s economic situation. Being a student will be a positive change In anyone’s life. Completing college will enhance a person’s parenting skills and make them a better neighbor in the community. The positive effects of attending college are endless. Obtaining a degree makes a person more marketable in the workforce. Statistics show that college graduates earn significantly more than people who only have a gig school diploma.

Getting a degree opens the door for many to have a say In choosing their career path. It puts them more in control of their own future. I have worked in the chemical plants most of my adult life. Being a student helps a person to discover their hidden talents. As you learn more your interest Is piqued. There Is no longer the feeling of being pigeon-holed. Being in college affords one the opportunity to learn things and be around people that one would not normally be exposed to If they had not made the choice to attend school.

Attending college has a significant impact on your self worth. Gaining knowledge makes a person feel Like they can do anything. Before enrolling In school I felt Like my life was at a dead end. My career choices were limited and I felt like I had to do the same thing my whole life. I felt like it was a wasted effort to try to advance. Being in school shows students that there are options. They don’t have to feel Like there Is a ceiling containing their future. Going to school makes one feel like they can choose to do anything with their lives.

Completing college will make a person a better asset to their community and to their family. Children will benefit from their parent’s getting a better Job. A better lob can lead to a better standard of living for any family. Their children will have access to things and experiences that will keep them ahead of the curve. Also, getting a degree will set an example for them to follow. They will see that if dad or mom can do It then they can obtain their degree as well. Also, as a better asset to the community a person can mentor other young men or women who are hopeless or eave no direction.

Personally, I did not have anyone to show me the right way when I was younger and I feel like If I can Just help one young man who has been on the wrong path, my mentoring will not be in vain. My life experiences have afforded me knowledge that many younger men don’t have. I would like to help some of them toy 2 Choosing to go to college will be a win-win situation for everyone. The benefits are astronomical. A person will be stronger and better for themselves and those close to them. They will know that the sky is the limit and will slowly removing the shackles room their mind.

I know my children love me, but I also feel like they will have a newfound respect for me once I finish school. They will look at me in a different and more admiring way. My extended family will see a new Thomas. Completing college will put a person in a better position to help and guide others. They know they will have to make sacrifices to continue their education but the sacrifice will be well worth it. A person needs to be prepared for the challenges as well as the potential benefits that lie ahead.

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