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Unlike earlier great thinkers, Rene Descartes was the first to view psychology as a form of science in its own way. Dissatisfied with what he was taught in school, he took a particular interest in studying psychology and its similarity to scientific principles. However, he approaches psychological science differently from other science disciplines that require physical or mechanical parameters. His invention of the Cartesian plane and coordinates was the first breakthrough at associating psychology with science (Stanford).

Just like the possibility to describe the relationship that exists teens dependent and Independent variables In science, psychology uses the coordinate system to define the relation of different phenomena. Descartes suggested that it was possible to perform significant tests, calculate correlations and other quantitative analysis of psychological parameters differently from dullness’s Like physics. Descartes Incorporated the use of mathematical-Like certainty principles In the determination of psychological solutions. He came up with four selection rules that would define psychology (Stanford).

The first rule was to proceed without doubt n solving psychological problems, to avoid procurement of situations and to take no parameters for granted. This could be associated with scientific procedures that normally consider all parameters that could have confounding or supporting effects on

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a problem being solved. Unlike other sciences like physics, these parameters do not need to be physical indicators which could be measured. The second rule involved dividing the subject of argument into simpler parts that can be solved independently.

This is based on the scientific principle of fractionating complex parameters with the aim of reducing them into fundamental variables that can be easily solved. This allows psychological variables to be assessed independently and easily to establish relationships that exist between these simpler parts. The third rule involved proceeding step by step in solving psychological questions which was a big contrast to the conventional methods that existed then in making decisions by conducting few observations.

He borrowed this from mathematical principles that define science with respect to procedural approach of solving problems. The fourth rule addressed the issue of using different and reliable sources of information to come to similar conclusion. This was aimed to remove any doubts associated with the results obtained by testing the results using different methods (Stanford). Descartes said that a psychological solution Is only valid If the different methods bring the same outcome.

This Is a characteristic feature of science where different systematic procedures can be used to arrive at the same result In a bold to remove any reasonable doubt In the outcome. Descartes was the first thinker to come up with the Idea that the mind and the body were different and each worked Independently of each other. He hypothesized that the mind was responsible for the reasoning, motions and knowledge which are totally separate from the physiological functioning of the rest of the body.

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