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Choose one short story and one poem from the 1 9th century. Write to compare the ways in which each of these may be considered representative of American culture during the time period in which it was written. Cite specific evidence from the literature to support your ideas.

The short story that I chose was “The story of an hour by Kate Chopin. The story is about Mrs.. Mallards sister Josephine telling her about her husbands death. Mrs.

. Mallard took the death very hard, and was very depressed for sometime. Her husband Brenner was in a railroad accident, and his friend

Richard was in the newsroom when he read the list of the men who lost their life. When she found out she wanted to be alone, and asked that no one followed her up into her room. She would stare Out the window and just kick out at the view.

She smells the trees, and hears a peddler screaming out. She is taking the death of her husband very hard. The poem that I chose was “the raven” by Edgar Allan Poe. When some visitor is knocking at his door.

He did not want to get the door, because he was to upset about the death of Lenore.

But when he finally answers the door, no one was there and all he heard was the name “Lenore” an echo of his own words. He hears tapping once more and he opens the window and a raven comes flying in saying the words “nevermore”. He asks the raven questions about Lenore after life and the raven shuts down his positive feeling about afterlife and the raven responses in a negative answer. The short story and poem I chose both represents American culture during the period of the 19th century because Americans experience Death.

Everyday someone is going to die, and us Americans have to get used to it. Nothing we can do, can stop someone we love from passing away. Everyone has to die at one point in time. Also Americans experience a broken heart.

Every American loves, and everyone that is loved eventually dies. Its sad but its the way of life. Americans hurt. Americans get depressed, and we get sad and upset. But we have to keep pushing ourselves to keep living after we lose someone. Yes, it hurts but we have to keep living for our kids, family and friends.

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