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The Enlightenment known by many as the Age of Reason was a turning point in history. Man people believe that without the Enlightenment. many of the Torahs. and regulations would be. For illustration the United States Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were greatly influenced by the Enlightenment. For illustration. John Locke. an Enlightenment mind extremely influenced the Declaration of Independence by saying that the natural rights of people include life. autonomy and belongings except the establishing male parents changed it by saying life. autonomy. and the chase of felicity.

The American Revolution itself has been called the incarnation of Enlightenment thoughts. If the establishing male parents were non influenced by some of these thoughts. possibly the United Sates would non be a democracy ; it could hold been an absolute monarchy. nobility. etc. Some of our human rights would non be if it were for the Enlightenment. Philosophers such as Montesquieu. Rousseau. Locke. and others lead to many great alterations. These thoughts were used by some to dispute absolute monarchies.

An absolute monarchy is a authorities ruled by one swayer. These thoughts besides impacted both authorities and society. Some of the thoughts of the Enlightenment were used to dispute absolute monarchy. One illustration is given in Document # 1. Charles louis de secondat who was a Gallic philosopher during the Enlightenment. provinces. “There can be no autonomy with the executive. legislative. and judicial powers are united in one individual or organic structure it a individuals. because such concentration is bound to ensue in arbitrary absolutism.

In this statement. Montesquieu is saying that autonomy can non be where three powers of authorities are held by one individual or organic structure of individuals. This is because so the people would non hold rights for themselves. The thought was used to dispute an absolute monarchy the people thought that it was unjust that one individual was governing the province where as they wanted that people have a say in the authorities and everyone should hold equal rights. Another thought used to dispute an absolute monarchy was in Document # 2.

Voltaire. who was a Gallic writer and philosopher. provinces “…I may disapprove of what you say. but I will support to the decease your right to state it… The best authorities seems to be that in which all ranks of work forces are every bit protected by the laws…” This statement challenged absolute monarchies because Voltaire believed that freedom of address should be a right for each individual. He believed that people should be able to show their ideas and feelings. Freedom of address is a really of import right today. and it is used every twenty-four hours by people who express their ideas.

Besides in Document # 3 Jean-Jacques Rousseau. who was a Gallic philosopher provinces “Man is born free ; and everyplace he is in ironss. ” Rousseau is stating that despite the fact that adult male is born free. he is still anguishs. still abused and has all of those free autonomies taken off from him. For illustration. even though people in France prior to the revolution were all human. merely the 3rd estate had to pay revenue enhancements. The Enlightenment besides had a big impact on both authorities and society.

For illustration in Document # 5 English philosopher Locke states “Man being… by nature all free. equal. and independent no 1 can be… subjected to the political power of another without his ain consent… To protect natural rights authoritiess are established… Since adult male hope to continue their belongings by set uping a authorities. they will non desire the authorities to destruct the aims. When legislators try to destruct or take away the belongings of people. or seek to cut down them to slavery. they put themselves in to a province of war with the people who can decline to obey the Torahs.

This thought had a big impact on both authorities and society because told society that if they wanted to maintain their belongings. they would hold to set up a authorities that protects natural rights. This impacted the society because many people wanted natural rights and this statement influenced the society to set up a new type of authorities. It impacted the authorities because this statement told the authorities that if the people wanted to maintain their belongings and other rights they would hold to set up a new authorities significance that the current authorities would hold to alter. so the authorities would be concerned.

Another illustration of an impact on both authorities and society is shown in Document # 6. an extract from the Declaration of Independence. It states. “We hold these truths to be axiomatic. that all work forces are created equal. that they are endowed by their Godhead with certain inalienable Rights. that among these are Life. Liberty and the chase of Happiness. –That to procure these rights. Governments are instituted among

Work force. deducing their merely powers from the consent of the governed. –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these terminals. it is the Right of the People to change or to get rid of it. and to establish new Government. puting its foundation on such rules and forming its powers in such signifier. as to them shall look most likely to consequence their Safety and Happiness. ” This extract impacts authorities because it states that certain rights is inalienable. intending that they can non be taken off from you ; these include life. autonomy. and the chase of felicity.

The impact of the Enlightenment had an consequence on authorities because before the Enlightenment authoritiess of Europe were chiefly Divine Right Monarchies. intending a King ruled. who was selected by God. Prior to the Enlightenment people believed that if you disobeyed the King. you disobeyed God. There was no difference between the State and the Church because each State had its ain faith. No 1 had rights ; there were no cheques and balances or separation of powers because merely one individual was in control. The upper categories had the rights doing the lower categories to be angry.

The impact the Enlightenment had on society was that it gave people wonder to why they don’t have natural rights. The thoughts of the Enlightenment led to the society of France to arise and that led to the Gallic Revolution. therefore the thoughts of the Enlightenment led people to recognize that they are non being given rights that they are entitled to. As you can see the Enlightenment I considered a turning point in universe history. altering man’s position of authorities and society. Examples of these thoughts are shown in paperss 1-6.

Many of the thoughts created by the philosophers during the Enlightenment led to many revolutions and greatly influenced many states including the United States of America. Besides these thoughts led people to inquiry and Rebel for rights that they are entitled to. Some of these include freedom of address. and equality. If the thoughts of the Enlightenment were non of import. many states including the United States could hold been an absolute monarchy. nobility. or another type of authorities where all citizens are non equal.

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