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People such as Marie Murmured from document 2 supported the idea that women can and should pursue the sciences, stating “that minds have no sex and that is the minds of omen were cultivated like those of men, they would be equal. ” Her booked called “Chemistry Simplified for Women” shows that she Was trying to encourage everyday women to also dive into the subject of science. Also supporting how women are both capable and should do science is in document 4, where Johannes Hovels works alongside with his wife in astronomical research using a sextant.

His view on women engaged in science is most likely altered due to the fact he works in such close relation with his wife, therefore he would fully encourage and support her studies. This would also be the reason for the opinion of Gottfried Kirsch from document 6. Kirsch gave full credit to his wife for the finding of a comet, which shows his understanding of her capabilities. Even though some men and women believed women could be just as educated as men, they were often not credited or shunned out from their studies.

According to document 1 by Johann Berth, he understood his

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wife’s pursuit of astronomical speculation, but he didn’t encourage her. This was due to her devotion of her studies, she would stay up all night and then sleep all day, which then causes her to neglect doing her household duties she was expected to complete. Women weren’t usually encouraged to engage into studies even though places such as the Academy of sciences in Berlin, knew that women could perform at the same level as men.

As stated in document 8 by Johann Jubilations, Maria Winkled had been working there making observations and such, but Johann says “the Academy was ridiculed because its calendar was prepared by a women. ” His motive was mostly likely to say that she should be kicked out so the Academy wouldn’t be made a mockery by others. Document 10 too supports this attitude about women. A head of a German university which the first woman earned a degree in medicine, believes that women shouldn’t we allowed to study in this subject because it draws too much unwanted attention.

He was worried about the reputation of both himself and the university. Even though these opinions toward women weren’t the best, it was still more favorable than the attitude Of some which was women were ignorant humans and should just stick to house work. Some people had harsh, critical reactions to women who pursued or even tried to do science. Men such as Samuel Peeps was put off merely by a Oman speaking about science during a meeting of the Royal Society of Scientists. He judged her at first glance says that she dressed badly, wasn’t the best looking, and bluntly states he does not like her at all.

Afterwards, he says that everything that she had said was not worth hearing. You would think all women would stand up for themselves and prove it that they could be just as educated, but that wasn’t the case for Marie Rockville. In document 12, she says that the study of medicine and astronomy are too far beyond their competence. Also that women should just be happy with their tatty and grace that they have and leave it at that Marie was an illustrator for anatomy books, so maybe she was jealous of the fact that she wasn’t the one finding out this new information and all she could do was draw what they told her to do.

All these opinions of women studying science didn’t actually effect the women pursuing it. They still went on researching and making observations. The people who didn’t believe in the women’s capabilities were the ones missing out on the insightful information they presented. Throughout many years women aren’t seen equally to men, even today there isn’t perfect quality and there never will be. But we all strive to be the best we can, so why should something like our sex determine our disabilities and capabilities?

Write your thesis for this essay DB essay: During the Scientific Revolution, the views of women in science varied. Some agreed that they were capable and should do science, while others thought they were capable, but shouldn’t pursue it. Whereas, some believed woman can’t and shouldn’t do science. Identify three groups the documents can be arranged in to support your thesis: Rationale for group 1: people who think women can and should do science.

Documents for group 1: 2, 4, 5, 6 Rationale for group 2: People who think women can and shouldn’t do science Documents for group 2: 1, 8, 10 Rationale for group 3: People who think women can’t and shouldn’t do science Documents for group 3: 3, 12 Analyze the point of view for 3 documents: Doc # 2: Women had the capability to be equal if they had the same training and opportunities. Doc # 3: Women are inferior to men. He thought she had absolutely nothing to say that was worth hearing. Doc # 4: He worked alongside of his wife and would say women are capable due to his close relationship and that he worked with her.

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