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A requirement Is something a database needs to do In order to fulfill Its purpose. True 2) You only need to include the most important stakeholders in the database discussions. False 3) Forms are used for gathering Input. True 4) A transaction database is optimized to track transactions in real time. True 5) Data mining uses business intelligence tools and techniques on a variety of data sources brought together In a data warehouses. U 6) The domain is the focus or knowledge area of a database. True 7) Interviews are good for asking open ended questions. True 8) Open ended question are questions that don’t have fixed answers. True 9) Questionnaires are good for asking open ended questions. False 10) Job shadowing is a good way to observe exceptions to the usual procedures and rules. True 1 1) A report requirement refers to the need to store data necessary to generate desired reports. True 12) user access refers to what objects and data in a database a user has permissions to use.

True 3) update permission Is the permission to make changes to the database. False 15) A business rule is a rule that covers how data are acquired, stored or processed. True 16) User access refers to what objects and data in a database a user has 17) Attributes are general headings and not the data itself. True 18) A candidate key is any attribute or combination of attributes that might make a primary key.

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