Building Conceptual Data Model Fundamentals of Databases Lavabo Fernando School Computer Science University Manchester Acknowledgements 2 These slides are minor adaptation material authored and made available to instructors by Ramee Elmira Shaman B. Navigate accompany their textbook Systems: Models, Languages, Design, Application Programming, 6th (Global) Edison Addison–Wesley Pearson, 2011, 978-0-13–214498–8 Copyright 2011 Pearson Education, whom thank. Errors my responsibility. Outline 3 What database applications?

Why conceptual modeling? The phases in design is meaty–relationship meaty types sets, airbuses value sets? relationship types, sets roles? Structural constraints used guidelines Design Applications 4 database Applications comprise particular those application )orgasm that implement queries updates Engel–Relationship Modeling SD is popular, high–level data modeling approach serves well interlingua between users designers SO focuses requirements, not overall business logic Diagrams (RED) SO Are diagrammatic notation associated with Unified

Modeling Language (JIMS) SO supersedes REDS it captures functional requirements too SO ML class diagrams roughly equivalent Phases 5 Immersions, Requirements 6 Minored universe discourse) SO The scope cavity, specific savvies processes organization applicant meant support. Collection analysis 50 Database interview prospective understand document related) ID Outcomes: ii Data requirements: input SO Functional (but also informs conceptual.

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