Data Mining for Business Intelligence

The report should be written in Times New Roman at font size 11. The line spacing should be 1. 15 and the margins around the page should be 1 inch on each side. The whole document is divided into three parts. Report: This part should have the general discussions and should be about two pages long. Appendix: This part should have all the Tables, Figures, Charts, Graphs, Questionnaire and any other material you use for the discussion in the report. No page limit. References: This part should have all the sources of your discussion. No page limit. The Report should have following sections.

Introduction: Describe the scope and context of your project in about 0. 5 pages. Start with the general idea about the industry that is the focus of your research. Provide a reason why the question under investigation is important. For example, is the research question related to the company’s market competitiveness, or financial health, or pricing strategy? Data: Describe the variables of interest that you track for variable you want to predict. Variable Name Description Comments The third column may have some details if needed. Don’t keep this column if you eve it all empty.

Keep this table in the Appendix. Provide some intuition behind why these variables are interesting. Recommended length of this discussion is five to six sentences. Analysis: In this section, provide the analysis of the data and the technique you use. I recommend using two different methods for doing the prediction/classification task is recommended. Compare their performances and provide the interpretations of the models. Recommended length is 0. 5 to 0. 75 pages. Conclusion: In this section, clearly mention which method is preferable for the analysis and why.

Discuss your conclusions clearly about which method is preferable based on the metrics you decide as useful, such as accuracy, RIMS, or interpretability. Recommended length is five-six sentences. Guidelines for the Presentation 1 . Presentation time is 30 minutes. This will be strictly followed. I recommend 20-23 minutes for talking by the presenters and rest of the time for the questions and the answers. 2. Given the duration of the presentation, I recommend around 20 slides. However, you are free to decide how many slides you want to create.

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