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In order to collect the information and data for the research, both the primary and secondary sources are utilized. Different journals, research reports, magazines, books, electronic journals and web portals are accessed and information is gathered from these sources to conduct the analysis of the available secondary data.

Along with the secondary sources primary sources are also used to conduct the research work. There are two type of primary sources used. The first one is the statistical survey and the second one is the in depth interview.Both of these research methods are utilized as primary source of qualitative and quantitative data collection.

A statistical survey is “a quantitative method, requiring standardized information from and/or about the subjects being studied. The subjects studied might be individuals, groups, organizations or communities; they also might be projects, applications, or systems” (Tanur, J. M, 1982). Hence the information and data is collected for the study through different sources including the statistical survey, in depth interviews and secondary analysis of data.The statistical survey is a common research method and many of the social scientists believe that it is an effective research tool.

Abramson J. J. , Abramson Z. H. (1999) highlighted the significance of statistical survey and revealed that “statistical survey is an efficient way of collecting information from a large number of respondents, the information can be used to study attitudes, concepts, values, beliefs, and behaviors”.

The statistical surveys also provides lot of flexibility as it is an effective and efficient method of collecting data from large number of respondents that allows the data collection through very large samples. The data can be use to determine validity, reliability, and statistical significance (Massey, O’Connor and Krotki, 1997). hence it is observed that statistical survey is an important and significant research tool and to present the case study of UAE businesses it could be very useful because it cal allow to collect the data from large number of companies.However it was also clarified by the research that it is not necessary that in each case study all of the above mentioned sources must be used however some of them are generally followed in many of the case studies. Following the guideline of Yin, in-depth interviews are also conducted for presenting the case study so that more valuable and detailed information could be collected about the topic from the interviewees.

Yin (1994) described that interviews are most vital source for case study information and for this case study also interviews are conducted with the help of structures interviews.Attempt was made to conduct at least 5 in depth interviews from the representatives of different UAE organization and a cover letter describing the research objectives was sent along with the questionnaire to 7 companies for the purpose of requesting interview appointments but unfortunately there was favorable response received only from 3 companies and rest of them excused for their busy time schedules. Finally three interviews are conducted by using the questionnaire prepared for the interviews.The appointments were taken from the interviewees via telephone and the questionnaire was already sent to them so that they can get prepare to give the answers and time could be saved. In this way face to face interviews with three representatives of business organization were conducted.

Following are the details of the interviewees. Colonel Dr. Saeed Saif Alalawi, The head of Investigations and Criminal Investigation department, Abu Dhabi Police department Captain Saleem Saeed Alkaabi, Head of Coast Guard patrols, Coast Guard Amer Saif Alalawi, Administrator, Economic department, Dubai MunicipalitySurvey Sampling and Method The survey is conducted among 50 companies operating in UAE and these companies are randomly picked from the business directory of Dubai. The survey was conducted with the help of a structures questionnaire that was send to the respondents via email before that the respondents were informed about the survey via telephone and their willingness to take part in the survey was also confirmed.

The Questionnaire for Survey The questionnaire for the survey was constructed by keeping in view the research objectives.The objective of the research is to look and measure the following variables the level of reliance of companies on computer and other related technologies the effectiveness of the communication and coordination processes that the organization uses to deliver products and services the responsiveness of the employees of the organization in using CSCW the impact of external trends and situations in the organization’s drive to achieve its targets the suitability of CSCW for the use of business organizations in the UAE While keeping in view these objectives the questionnaire for the survey was constructed.

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