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What were the 2 reasons Bob Fosse started dancing? He couldn't play sports well and he had a crush on a girl
Who was Bob Fosse's idol? Fred Astaire
What did MGM tell Bob Fosse when he went to do a screen test? he needs a toupe
What is it called when hundreds of dancers come to an open audition? cattle call
Which show was Bob Fosse's present to Gwen after she came back from having their baby? Sweet Charity
What was Bob Fosse's primary motivation? fear of failure
Name 3 kicks snap, swing and fan kick
Name 3 turns two-step turn, three-step turn, and pirouette
un 1
deux 2
trois 3
quatre 4
cinq 5
six 6
sept 7
huit 8
neuf 9
dix 10
Name 5 dancers. Bill "Bojangles" Robinson, Shirley Temple, Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers, Ruby Keehler, Isadora Duncan, Anna Pavlova
Name of the hand rail in ballet barre
what does plie mean? bend
Name of the dance of the people? folk dance
Name two of the three tap masters on the video. Chuck Green, Will Gaines, Hone Coles
What decade was known as the "hey day" in tap dancing? 1930s
Who was known as the "King of NY"? Bill "Bojangles" Robinson
Who told Shirley Temple to listen with her feet? Bill "Bojangles" Robinson
What show "sounded the death nail" for tap dancing in musicals? Oklahoma
Name 2 of the 5 master teachers involved in the 1st world jazz dance conference. Gug Giordano, Frank Hatchett, Joe Tremaine, Matt Mattox, Luigi
Name some of the forms of jazz music. Blues, swing, rock (name 2)
Name 3 of the 6 characteristics of jazz dance. 1. earth bound2. crouches3. thrusting from the hips4. draws from nature5. in a circle6. improvisation
Name a European dance that had some influence on jazz in its early stages. clogging (jig maybe)
Who was the narrator of the "That's Dancing" video? Gene Kelly
Who was the 1st big director of Musicals that wanted his girls "beautiful and shapely"? Busby Berkley
Name the famous tap dancing duo of the 1940s and 50s. Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire
Name the studio that was famous for having "all the dancing stars" of the 40s and 50s. MGM
Name some dance fads show in the "That's Dancing" video. Charleston, Break Dancing, Disco
Difference between eastern and western dance. eastern dance was more internal, for the soul, whereas western dance was more external, to show off
First paid professional dancers. Egyptian slave girls
5 forms of dance. ballet, modern, tap, jazz, acrobatics
When was the first ballet seen in the US? 18th century (1792)
5 things dance did for people in the beginning. 1. propelling force in social and religious rituals2. prepared man to hunt3. prepared man to make war4. cure illnesses5. communicate with the powers of nature6. prepare the young7. physical and psycological release8. basic human outlet
What form of dance did the Roman culture add for soldier training? ballet
3 types of American Vernacular Dance. jazz, tap, ballroom
King in France credited with starting classical ballet. King Louis XIV
What is theater dance? dance done in a theater
What did the Romantic era bring to the art of dance? stories

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