Customs of the world learn the different customs of religions or cultures around the world

Question Answer
what is the Mexico?s custom? when the people celebrated their birthdays have the custom of celebrate the festival activity with serenade.
what is the Brazil?s custom? they play soccer where they are every day, it can be at school, beaches or on the street and everyone adopts soccer as a religion.
what is the United States?s custom? is celebrated for all the family with a special dinner and make jokes to everyday so that is called Thanksgiving Day.
what is the El Salvador?s custom? the people have the habit of being 30 minutes after the time assigned in the place.
what is the Japon?s custom? the people is 5 minutes before any planned meeting.
what is the Russia?s custom? Cultures typically approach sex, marriage and reproduction in unique ways.
what is the France?s custom? they have the habit of raising their little finger when they drink tea or coffee.

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