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In the era of high technologies individuals are likely to get over a new way to market their products. A traditional way for trade becomes now less popular for the contemporary progressive mankind. E-business has proved to become a new dimension for provider-customer relations.

In this respect it is hard to overestimate the use and acceptability as well as convenience in ordering and delivering goods throughout countries or even the entire world by means of a single click. Thus, e-business showed its applicability in crossing the borders between people living at different places and sharing different interests.An integrated view is done today, so as to define the extent of functionality and accessibility of a web-based business in order to make emphasis on navigation, ease of use, download speed and other significant parameters. Most of the web-based companies provide their products and services in strong and rather intensive competition.

The following discussion is focused strictly on two companies, namely: amazon. com and aquarelle. com. These two outstanding retailers do not need some special notes on their place among rivals and their market share in their specific areas of involvement.However, a closer look is provided onto a comparative analysis of these companies, so that to scope out particular advantages and limitations in terms of the selected criteria listed below. USABILITY ANALYSIS (CUSTOMER PERSPECTIVE) Both companies need to be discussed through a particular niche they fulfill in the space of e-business.

Thus, amazon. com is a well-known retailer which is known to deliver different products (from books to electronic equipment) through the web. Aquarelle. com is a company spreading its activity, as a seller of superb and extravagant bunches of splendid flowers.The history of amazon.

com starts in 1994 in the USA, as one of the first on-line retailer at the outset of the Internet era (Amazon. com, 2010). Today it is known worldwide, since the company has its headquarters and international links in Canada, Japan, the UK, China, France, and Germany. On the other hand, aquarelle. com was first established, as a single flowers-selling store in 1987 in Paris (Aquarelle.

com, 2010). The net has grown nationwide, and now it is paramount for providing magnificent and lucrative bouquets of flowers across Europe.The overall design of two companies is set through definition of their suitability for customers’ claims and desires to order a definite product. As Palmer (2002) admits in his study, the use of customer-related integration by dint of a well-organized interface is possible through the analysis and further improvement of navigation, download speed, customization, accessibility, and ease of use. This is why usability is stated to be the paramount feature of the web-based services. Navigation This particular feature of a web site is one of the most valuable issues for on-line companies.

Navigation is where the attractiveness of a web-page begins. Lawrence & Tavakol (2007) remark the most desirable peculiarity of a web site according to customers’ points of view to be a speedy navigation throughout its main parts and context menus. The navigation framework is what makes a web site attractive and convenient as well as remarkable for users. Amazon. com has a really cutting edge and simple interface to navigate all bars and to simply get the needful information on a particular product.

It makes this service quite appreciated for a newbie and one having no idea as of purchasing products on-line. Moreover, this service provides a clear list of products on the top left side of the page. The most valuable products are represented just in the central part of the home page. It lets customers be out of wasting their time searching for products in state of total uncertainty. These products are bigger or smaller, as if they mirror the model of a tags window frequently used on web pages.

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