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The purpose of the survey is to enlighten the management of Yazeed’s Restaurant about its customers. Furthermore, it strives to understand what the customers expect and perceive of the restaurant. The results of the survey analysis would be handed over to the management as a printed report, which would make it easier to plan their future strategy and implement economically viable changes to meet customer preferences. The management hopes to improve business by encouraging loyal customers to frequent the restaurant more often, which would also improve its brand image on the long run.

The survey gathers basic personal information as well as eating preferences from the customer so as to better understand the target demographic, as the survey results would serve as a key indicator based on which strategic changes would be made. After conducting an analysis of the survey results, it was identified that most of the customers visiting the establishment were men who fell in the 36-45 years old category.It was also observed that most of its target demographic ate out for lunch; 40% of the survey respondents belonging to the target demographic ate out everyday while 30% visited restaurants more than four times a week. While more than 50% of respondents belonging to this group rated the restaurant’s cleanliness to be good, almost an equal number of people found the ambience to be poor. When it came to rating quality of service and food, most of the customers had given a fair rating of 3.

Although 60% of respondents had poorly rated the menu due to the lack of variety, one aspect that lies in favor of the restaurant is the price as 90% had given positive ratings for pricing. In the comments section, some had suggested sprucing up the ambience by adopting a middle-eastern theme for the restaurant. This goes to show that the there is great potential for business from this demographic, provided the menu is diversified and the ambience is given more character, while keeping the pricing fair.

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