Current Event on Political Contention: Bush Winning the Political War by Vennochi Essay

An illustration of newspaper article reviews that is a recent political contention or statement can be the article written by Joan Vennochi entitled ‘Bush Wining the Political War’ . This point appeared at the Opinion subdivision of the Boston. com News ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www. Boston. com/news/globe/editorial_opinion/oped/articles/2007/05/06/bush_winning_the_political_war/ ) . It is obvious that what the writer had to make in order to pull readers was to give a blunt. attention-getting statement sing President Bush: “President Bush doesn’t cognize how to win the land war in Iraq.

But he does cognize how to win the political war at place over Iraq” ( Vennochi 2007 ) . The usage of attention-getting lines and statements pull the readers and maintain them from disregarding the pages. It affects content with the demand to expose facts and incidents that prove the basic statement. which can be stated as follows: Bush loses the land war over Iraq but wins the political war over the American populace. For the writer. the land of the political universe merely resides at place.

What matters in the political sphere is the support and strength of the countrymen. so that when it comes to the political war over Iraq. the writer is giving a given that what the American authorities should make is to do certain the American military personnels in Iraq are non hurt—not that there is a timetable for backdown. which merely suggests that America is on the brink of giving up. Vennochi is like stating that Bush merely wants money.

For Bush. it is mission accomplished. but for Vennochi. the incident is really far from it. Vennochi has used research. convincing statements. and strong supporting inside informations ( such as polls. studies ) to endorse up his statement. and this gives a really convincing decision. In fact. it gave me a different. negative sentiment on what President Bush truly is like. and it has changed my head on some beliefs I held merely antecedently.

This gives me an feeling that the political universe works like a film: Politicians are simply histrions that want as much resources as they can carry through. They get what they want by moving excellently in forepart of the camera. Works Cited Vennochi. Joan. Bush Wining the Political War. 6 May 2007. Boston. com Newss: Opinion. 7 September 2007 & lt ; hypertext transfer protocol: //www. Boston. com/news/globe/editorial_opinion/oped/articles/2007/05/06/bush_winning_the_political_war/ & gt ; .

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