Culture – Marketing

the meanings that are shared by most people in a social group; a society’s personality
ecology, social structure, ideology
the way a culture adapts to a habitat
social structure
people maintain an orderly life
the mental characteristics of a people and the way they relate to an environment
the sense of what is beautiful and what is not
influence of religious groups
they can influence companies’ decisions by encouraging their members to boycott products or stage protests
cultural analysis
understand cultural meanings of concepts from the point of view of the consumers who create and use them
content analysis, ethnographic fieldwork, measures of values
what are the three procedures to measure cultural content?
core values
abstract end goals that people strive to achieve in their lives
advertising, pricing, design, distribution
how are cultural meanings moved into products?
sets of multiple, symbolic behaviors that occur in a fixed sequence and that tend to be repeated periodically
acquisition, bargaining, possession, exchange, grooming, divestment
what are six types of cultural rituals?
acquisition rituals
ritual — shopping on black friday
bargaining rituals
ritual — negotiation at auto dealership
possession rituals
ritual — china set
exchange rituals
ritual — birthday presents
grooming rituals
ritual — morning routine
divestment rituals
ritual — remove address label on magazine before passing along
values, attitudes and lifestyles
what does VALS stand for?
to highlight/hide aspects of the self
why do we buy products?
product-related characteristics, product attributes, product imagery, sponsorships, age, symbol
what are the six ways to create brand personality
person, product, setting
what are the three things that influence an individual’s lifestyle?
through the integration process
how are attitudes formed?
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