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Culture is a dynamic construction of behaviours. thoughts. attitudes. values. wonts. beliefs. imposts. linguistic communications. rites. ceremonials. and patterns that are alone to a peculiar group of people. I see great value in larning about different civilizations and about cultural diverseness. including a broader position of others. enhanced problem-solving ability and creativeness. and possible improved productiveness in my hereafter workplaces. For this assignment. I have chosen to make a cultural appraisal of the Swedish Culture.

Making so has broadened my apprehension of the Sweden’s cultural positions and will assist in bridging cultural spreads with future Swedish clients. I hope this will assist me go a more culturally competent nurse and assist me in supplying optimum. planetary health care in a society which is turning more and more culturally/ethnically diverse. I know first-hand that fluctuation does happen within each cultural group. and there is a inclination to presume that all members of an identified group are the same.

Sweden. a state that one time reflected merely a individual or possibly a few cultural groups now comprises more than 100 different cultural groups so for the intents of this paper. I will compose about the Swedish civilization as a whole. Sweden is a state on the Norse peninsula in Northern Europe. with it’s capital being Stockholm. It is 4th in size among the European counties. with approximately 15 % of its entire country situated North of the Arctic Circle.

You would believe that the conditions in Sweden would be colder twelvemonth long due to it’s longitude but the mean Stockholm’s mean temperature is 20-65 grades Fahrenheit twelvemonth unit of ammunition. Sweden has a entire population of about 9. 4 million people as of 2009 with the bulk of occupants populating in urban countries. Sweden’s capital metropolis. Stockholm. had a population of 1. 697. 000 in 2005. From 1865 to 1930. about 1. 400. 000 Swedes. emigrated ; over 80 % went to the United States. and about 15 % to other close by states.

This heavy migration ended in the mid-1900s when resource development in Sweden started to maintain gait with population growing. Since the early 1970s. there has been a inundation of in-migration to Sweden. largely due to refugee migration and household reunion from states in the Middle East. Africa and Latin America. Equally far as cultural make-up. the Swedes are chiefly Finish. Scandinavians or of German beginning. The staying population is comprised of immigrants. including Danes. Poles. Iraqis. Iranians. Norwegians. Greeks. and Turks. Swedish is the national linguistic communication in Sweden.

It consists of the same letters of the English alphabet in add-on to a. a. and O. Many Swedes speak and understand English and German. and to a lesser extent. Finnish. English has been a compulsory topic for all Swedish pupils since the late fortiess. Sweden’s high-quality scientific. communicating and technological development is renowned throughout the universe. The World Economic Forum 2009–2010 fight index ranks Sweden the 4th most competitory economic system in the universe. Three of Sweden’s largest industrial corporations are technology companies: L.

M. Ericsson. Volvo. and SAAB-Scania. Ericsson. one of the largest telecom companies in the universe was started by Lars Ericsson of Sweden. Technology is prevailing wholly over Sweden. Swedes are accustomed to pass oning through the same engineering that is available in the United States. Swedes communicate via. cell phones. cyberspace. media. and print. Equally far as household functions and organisation within Swedish civilization. human rights and equality are profoundly respected in Sweden. Sweden is one of the most classless societies in the universe.

Family life is of import in typical Swedish households. but household construction is diverse and offers differing life styles and beliefs from one household to the following. In a typical household. both parents work. Family jobs are normally democratically divided among Swedish household members. regardless of traditional female and male functions and age. Swedish houses tend to be little and tidy. Common regard between kids and grownups is nurtured at an early age. More than 5 per centum of the Swedish population are aged 80 or over. Many aged people in Sweden are in good wellness and lead active lives.

Most live in their ain places by pick. and can make so thanks to public support in the signifier of place repast bringing. aid with cleansing and shopping. transit and health care when needed. Health and societal attention for the aged constitutes an of import portion of Swedish public assistance policy. Most aged attention is funded by municipal revenue enhancements and authorities grants. Sweden invests more of its GDP in caring for its aged than any other state in the universe. All Swedish occupants are entitled to a guaranteed minimal pension from the age of 65. the standard retirement age in Sweden.

In the Swedish health care system. duty for wellness and medical attention is shared by the cardinal authorities. county councils and municipalities. Sweden is divided into 290 municipalities. 18 county councils and two parts. Around 90 per centum of the Swedish county councils’ work involves healthcare. but they are besides involved in other countries. such as civilization and substructure. Duty for supplying health care is decentralized to the county councils. I learned that county councils are political organic structures whose representatives are elected by their occupants every four old ages.

Every county council must supply the population with -quality wellness and medical attention. and work toward advancing good wellness for the full population. County councils are besides responsible for dental attention for local occupants up to the age of 20. Swedish people have free pick in wellness attention intending they can obtain attention in any of the 60 infirmaries in Sweden that provide specializer attention. with exigency services 24 hours a twenty-four hours. Eight of these are regional infirmaries where extremely specialised attention is offered and where most teaching and research is based.

What’s great is everyone in Sweden has equal entree to healthcare services ; The Swedish health care system is taxpayer-funded. Harmonizing to the Swedish Institute for Communicable Disease Control. a Swedish authorities expert bureau. Sweden is comparatively good protected from the spread of catching diseases. Good hygienic conditions prevail among Swedish society and public wellness is good developed. Medical advancement and preventive steps protect the Swedish population from infections that. in other states of the universe. may do big graduated table catastrophes.

Sweden continues to immunize. hint infections. battle eruptions. and prosecute in research on diseases. Sweden as a whole. maintains a high degree of readiness in order to forestall disease. and avian grippe from deriving a bridgehead in Sweden. Life anticipation in Sweden continues to lift. In 2008. it was 79 old ages for work forces and 83 old ages for adult females. Sweden along with Italy has Europe’s largest aged population as a proportion of the national sum. Harmonizing to World Wide Web. Sweden. Se. Sweden’s health care system performs good in comparing with other states at a similar degree of development.

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