Workplace Ethics. To Tell the Truth Essay

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The managers responded that most of them have their own style of rewarding their employees; the management also does not actually prescribe any reward systems except for bonuses or incentives which are given once a year. Some of the managers said that they show their employees that they are happy with the kind and quality of work outputs; some praise their employees publicly to boost morale and some also put in a good word for those who are applying for promotions.As to assigning work tasks, the managers have a pretty good idea of who work well or not in the office which means that they usually assign crucial tasks to those who are good performers and assign small and unimportant tasks to those who are poor performers. The company has paid leaves and provisions for training as benefits not as rewards.

Do you think the granting of rewards to deserving workers is already sufficient to drive performance levels?The managers were divided on their responses to this question, some said that the reward system is enough to encourage good performers to maintain their work performance and encourage the average workers. However, another group said that if the organization is serious about motivating employees and increasing work outputs, then a more comprehensive rewards system should be implemented. It was also expressed by some managers that they could not do anything about poor workers because it is a matter of work values and attitudes which makes them poor workers.Even with very attractive reward system, if poor performers believe they are working enough, then the rewards are not useful at all. Management Issues on Employee Performance Are your employees receptive to direction and changes implemented in the workplace? The managers said that their employees are quite passive, they don’t usually have adverse reactions to the changes in the policies of the organization or the department, and they just follow it.A manager said that he had observed some workers who question the changes but does not bring it out into the open.

Do you need to use the “carrot and stick” management method to entice your employees to follow company prerogatives? No, the employees adhere to company prerogatives easily, when a memorandum or announcement is issued, they just read it and follow it. Some difficult employees actually voice out their opinions when they get the opportunity to do so but it is often dismissed by management.Rewards are not given to people who follow the company policies, but punishments are given to those who don’t follow it. Are you spending more time solving recurring problems than on matters that involve organizational growth? All of the managers agreed that it would seem that their employees have the same problems every month or so, the most recurring one is about missing deadlines, misplaced files or reports and the inability to produce the required reports or updates when it is needed.In which case, the manager has to step in and reassign the work to someone else or make some excuses to the management as to the delay or the problem with the department.

Are your managers always on the prowl to ensure that employees will do their job accurately and swiftly? There were mixed responses to this question, some say that he trusts his staff that he rarely checks on them during the day, while the opposite was true for some managers who said that workers play when the boss is away which is why they are very visible and always monitors their workers and their tasks.Another group said that there are some employees who work well without supervision while others need to be monitored closely as they are prone to distractions. Do you feel that you are overworked taking the cudgels of some managers and yet you find no enthusiasm based on your employee’s work related attitudes The managers indicated that they are not overworked by taking other manager’s tasks but rather they are overworked because they need to make sure that what their employees are giving them are correct.Some managers said that their worker’s attitudes are varied, some are enthusiastic about their work, some are bored and some are thinking of resigning from the company. This would mean that workplace motivation is actually not very strong. Do you feel frustrated because your company’s growth targets are not reached and improvements take eons to happen? Majority of the managers said yes to this question, they think that the company has failed to grow in the past years, and that they were in the same position as they were 8 years ago.

Changes have been implemented but they said it only looked good in paper but when it comes to actual implementation, the managers and the employees are at a lost at what to do with it. Do you face the problem of unmotivated or frustrated employees? The managers said yes to this question, it seemed that for every department there were one or two workers who were having performance problems because they have poor motivation and inability to adjust to the new policies in the company.They said that it is very stressful for them to continue facing the said employees on a daily basis. Are you experiencing high employee turnover because of management’s uncalled for decisions? Managers said that there have been periods of high turnover and then inactivity. Most of those who leave the company were younger workers who have the chance to work in different jobs before settling for a profession.

And when there is voluntary resignation it is always for greener pastures or unhappiness wit the present system.Are the productive and innovative employees facing difficulties when they try to enhance and improve their workplace with their new ideas and thoughts? Yes, the managers said that employees who have new ideas need managers who can represent them so that there would be less resistance or difficulty. However, when the employee actually bring out to the open their new ideas and concerns, it is to their colleagues and not to the managers. Implications of the Interview Results The interviews with the managers of (company name) proved to be an enriching experience for the researcher.

The interview provided rich and detailed information about the managers views on the current performance appraisal system of the organization. It was found that the managers find the current system adequate although it may need some improvements, but they are not sure who should improve it. It was also found that the managers don’t have much problem with their employees but work performance is actually not that high, they also feel that the rewards given to the employees are enough and they have more control over their management styles.

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