Csr: the New Marketing Tool

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Corporate Social Responsibility: the new marketing tool
Trends in Alcohol MarketingEUCAM report 2009 Content Introduction The use of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) within the tobacco industry WHO about CSR of the tobacco industry Alcohol related CSR in Europe Aids: a disease and an opportunity CSR as Commitment in European Forum Dutch examples of CSR Examples of Dutch CSR campaigns by the alcohol industry in 2008 Bacardi and “Say sorry with Nikkie” Bacardi and “You don’t want to spoil a great party” Bacardi uses Formule 1 racing driver Schumacher for “don’t drink and drive message” Heineken worldwide internet campaign “Know the signs” Heineken points parents at their responsibility VIP Campaign “Taste differs. Alcohol does not” Conclusion References 3 3 3 4 4 5 6 6 6 7 8 8 9 10 12 132 Introduction At the EU level, we see a rise in the number of educational campaigns about alcohol, introduced by the alcohol producers themselves. The industry wants to explain to the consumer that drinking too much alcohol or drinking at an early age (e.g. below 16) has harmful effects on health. The message they want to convey is to “enjoy alcohol responsibly”. The true goal behind these Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) campaigns is to improve the image of the company. We have seen this earlier with CSR campaigns by the tobacco industy (1). The use of CSR within the Tobacco Industry Henriksen et al. investigated the effect of anti-tobacco campaigns by the tobacco industry and by a non-profit organization on intention to smoke and on attitudes towards the tobacco industry amongst youngsters aged 14-17 years (2). The results were striking. After having seen the ads, the groups did not differ on intention to smoke (the anti-smoking ad from the tobacco industry did not have a better or worse effect on intention to smoke than the anti-smoking ad from the non-profit organization). However, both groups did differ in attitudes towards the tobacco industry: the…

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