Crucible Characters

Term Definition
Arthur Miller Wrote The Crucible.
George Jacobs The little old man who lives next door to the Putnams and is accused by Ruth Putnam of sending his spirit out to kill her.
Giles Corey Refuses to give up the name of the source who overheard Putnam tell his daughter to cry witchery on George Jacobs.
Thomas Putnam Bitter because: his brother-in-law (Bayley) lost the election, his step-brother received more money from his father's will, and has had 7 babies die.
Hale minister from Beverly who's an expert on finding witches
Abigail Williams Drank blood as a charm to kill Goody Proctor and stabbed herself with a needle.
Judge Hathorn assistant judge to Danforth
Francis Nurse Presents a petition to the court signed by 91 townspeople attesting to the good names of Rebecca Nurse and Martha Corey.
Elizabeth Proctor is arrested for the attempted murder of Abigail Willams and is pregnant
Sara Good a pathetic old widow who confesses to witchcraft when accused.
Rebecca Nurse one of the most holy and respected ladies in the town, thinks the girls are faking from the beginning, is arrested for the murder of the Putnam babies (since she delivered some of them).
Joseph McCarthy the man who led the Red Scare in the 1950s, which motivated Arthur Miller to write this play.
Martha Corey Giles’ wife who is convicted for “bewitching pigs”
George Burroughs the man who won the election against Putnam’s brother-in-law (even though Putnam had him thrown in jail to make him look bad and lose).
Mary Warren The Proctors’ servant, one of the girls, sewed the poppet for Elizabeth.
Goody Putnam lost 7 babies and sent her daughter Ruth to Tituba to contact their spirits
James Bayley Putnam’s brother-in-law who lost the election
Danforth head judge, deputy governor, doesn’t want to hear the truth that the girls are lying
Sara Osburn beggar who mumbles in court and is convicted because she can’t recall her commandments
Parris town pastor, greedy, selfish, only concerned with his and his family’s reputation
Tituba Parris’ slave who teaches the girls about spirits
John Proctor an important farmer who has an affair with Abigail, hates Parris and Putnam, and knows the girls are lying.
Giles' Nameless Friend overheard Putnam tell his daughter to cry witchery on George Jacobs
Betty Parris Parris’ daughter who is “possessed” at the beginning. She also says that Abigail drank blood.
Cheever the arresting officer who arrests Elizabeth Proctor, Rebecca Nurse, and Martha Corey
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