Critique of the Jackson Home

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Case Study Critique What are some possible reasons caseworkers were not aware of the conditions in the Jackson home? From the information presented in the case study, determine whether the nine members of the Division of Youth and Family Services staff should have been fired. Why or why not? Was justice served in this case? Why or why not? Could this situation have been prevented? If so, how? If not, why After reading the article concerning the Jackson home, I was very disturbed.

There are numerous reasons the cases against the malnourished foster children went unreported. I do not believe that the caseworkers can say without a doubt that they were unaware of their conditions. However, I am sure the foster parents used eating disorders to cover up the malnourishment of the children. Also, the statement about the caseworkers praying with the family for utilities is unethical. Not only because of specific religious beliefs, but because not having adequate living arrangements is warrant enough to remove the children from this home.

The nine members working for the state should have undoubtedly been fired. It is there job to protect the interest of all children under their custody. To protect their

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interests, children must have food, shelter, water, and adequate living arrangements. The workers should have also supervised the home more thoroughly to ensure proper protocol, such as health exams, were followed. The convictions of the foster parents and the firing of the staff was a step toward ensuring justice was served.

The state needs to send a clear message that harboring foster children is not just a supplemental income, but raising the children as if they were your own. Any state employee should be thoroughly trained in the process and should be held accountable for any violations, to the utmost requirements of the law. This situation could have been prevented with adequate supervision. There should always be a supervisor overseeing supervisors at all time. Unfortunately, not everyone has children’s best interests at heart.

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