Critical Thinking Study Guide

Why do we develop a set of norms?
we can build a comunity and communicate with each other respectively
so we can work together efficiently

What doescritical thinker do?
Is obervant
Thinks outside of the box
Questions reasons
Uses deductive logic

What is Metacognition?
thinking about your thinking
uses logic to complete a task

What makes an effective speaker?
Maintains eye contact

Why were Rice and Clinton effective speakers? How are they similar and different?
Their attitude towards their purpose
Similar: speak loudly
Different: Rice is more serious Clinton has more humor

What is a rhetorical question?
A question that does not expect and answer
an opinon/statement masquerading as a question

When does activated knowledge occur?
when we have a clear idea about what we know and what we don’t know
ideas that we deply and rightly understand

What makes a good character? When you wrote your fairytale how did you ensure that it was a good character?
give it personality
has feelings/emotions
super powers

What setting would create interest?
be creative
(Google this)

Why would an author create a problem?
so it can be resolved
so it can have a climax
it guarantees that the fairytale has action

Who is Benjamin Bloom?
Bloom’s Taxonomy

Why should we use higher-level questioning?
it produces a higher retention rate of knowledge

1 interesting fact for China
students go to school everyday

1 interesting fact about India
the Taj Mahal is locatd in India

What are 5 effective ways to write a fairytale
“once upon a time”
intriguing character

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