Crisis Intervention

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PART 2: Application of Crisis Assessment & Intervention Skills 1. Tour 1st task of this qn is to comprehend the given case scenario below: Kelvin & Lemmy just celebrated their 10th weding anniversary. Lemmy was 39yrs old and expecting her 1st baby. She and her 41yrs old husband Kelvin were eagerly waiting the birth of their child. The child was also the 1st grandchild in the family on both sides At 17 weeks she went to her pediatrician for a scheduled check up.

Subsequent to an examination and ultrasound examination, she learnt that the baby had died. She was thrown into a state of shock, simultaneously both angry and sad and cried uncontrollably. You were being called in to talk to Lemmy. 2. U r to use the 6-step crisis intervention model together with other aspects we have covered thus far. 3. The various steps must be clearly indicated in your ans 4.

Pay close attention to demonstrating ur understanding of all the elements of the ci model including appropriate use of Triage Assessment System, Worker’s Continuum, Suicide Risk Assessment, The Crisis Trigger and the likely meaning that might be attached to the triggering event 5. When addressing step 4,

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5 & 6 pls keep in mind the distinction between intervention in crisis state, as opposed to intervention when the client is stable and mobile(i. e. counseling). I will need to see that u hav a plan that focuses on immediate action aimed at restoring mobility & stability, not one which target long term decision making & personal change

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