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In Portrait of a Photocopied documentary movie made by Nick Pointy Is shown how a dangerous criminal gets out of the Call after 15 years and tries to get back onto his feet. (Pointy, 2004) Adrian wants to create gay relationships, get a Job but old habits cannot leave him alone. He wanted to offend a guy which he was dating. It was the first sight of his instability as a person. Due to this, police officers who were taking care of him were taking a really big risk by helping him because he was suffering from delusions, personality disorders which were caused by childhood traumas.

His psychological problems were shown during his interview “The only reason I wanted to get married was because I wanted kids to have sex with without any restrictions”. Although his plan never came Into fruition, this kind of offenders can always come back to their old ways. For example the second time he woke up officer’s anxiety in the documentary was by getting in touch with two predatory pedophilia and he started to think about committing a crime. Although psychologist and police officers quickly reacted to the situation and went to Drain’s house, how

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can they trust a photocopied?

They cannot, there’s always a 1% chance that stays with them. Criminologists are good specialists of their work knowing how a criminal is thinking and that they have two paths they can choose: really give up on criminal activity or become better and never get caught by the police again. (Soothing,Frances, & Fieldstone, 2002) One case in Lithuania reached a peak. Drawls Seeds, 37 years old citizen of Saunas whom police believe could be responsible for the murder of District Court Judge Jonas Frustrations and Violent Unrestrictive, the sister of his former live-in girlfriend, which both took place on Monday morning.

Possible motives could be the belief that his four-year-old daughter was sexually abused by Androids AAAS and other men. (Greenshank, 2009). The most important thing in this murder case is that the criminal wanted to commit a crime because he did not get the justice he felt he deserved. The Judges and courts left him like a dog barking next to the court palace for Justice which will never reach him. A yearlong police investigation failed when detectives told Seeds there was not enough evidence to proceed with the case.

However nature of human being seems to be powerless but a person can make a sections and one which was lead with sadness and dissatisfaction made him become a vigilante who then exacted Justice In his own way. (Gallagher & McCarty, 1977). On the other hand Drawls Seeds actions where widely accepted and even encouraged by the populace due to police indifference towards the suspicions about FIFO bad guys. (Austrian Times, 2009) In addition, this case involves deaths, cover-ups of evidence, ambiguous tactics, false accusations and deliberate misinformation by the prosecution.

D. Kiddy’s sister N. Vincent is being subjected to a continuous reassessment by the prosecution and smear campaigns in the press. Same tactics were also used in other famous cases I. E. VS. officer’s A. Foci;NAS death. (Adman, 2009) Sometimes one murder can wake up a killer inside and make a person go on a killing spree. For example one of the most dangerous serial killers Alfred Gravity said that it was easy to kill children because nobody missed them from the streets. That is why he could go on killing them without getting caught.

But before all the murders they committed, “why they did that”? Some authorities speculated that motivations for ordering people were catching Aids from prostitutes and feelings of revenge lead them to killing also childhood traumas, sexual frustration can cause the same effects. 0. Slogan 2006). However in some cases due to psychological problems like Andrei Cocktail’s. In his early years his mother constantly reminded him that his older brother was cannibalized by neighbors because of a bad situation in SIRS.

On the other hand it was Just the beginning for Cocktail’s traumas, his father was captured by Germans and later on released but in the Soviet Union either you die in battle or o are a traitor. (Robinson, 2004). Moreover when he was 15 years old he was humiliated by a girl in his village because he couldn’t perform sexually and gossips about Andresen’s problems where spread all around his town. Affected by this experience, his future sexual relationships involved excessive amounts of violence. (Anonymous). He tried to find his victims by socializing with them in the train station.

Chattily always carried a suitcase in which he kept some rope, wax and other things needed for murder. It was very hard to catch this serial killer because he was aired, had two kids and police did not think of him as a suspect. All these attributes make him an organized serial killer. (Versions,2004) Understanding different types of crime In order to understand different crimes, one must know the definition of crime itself. The easiest way to explain it is this: violation of moral rules accepted by many. 0.

Slogan,2006) This essay is going to talk about four most common crime types such as violent crimes which has three main categories violence against the person, sexual offence robbery and property crimes like burglary. (Newbury, 2007) First category, lenience against people consists of killing another person. Term to describe this group would be homicide which includes murders and manslaughter. Definition of a murder is the intentional killing of a person against the law. 0. Slogan 2006) Manslaughter is the crime of killing someone illegally but not deliberately.

It is divided into two parts Voluntary and involuntary. Voluntary situations could be provoked to kill due to in ability to act responsibly due to mental illness. In other cases people can be held responsible for Manslaughter for participating in group suicides, given that they survive. Involuntary cases where there is no malice or mitigating circumstances and death was committed by accident. To sum up, violent crimes mostly involve taking a live of a human being. (Newbury, 2007) Second category, sexual offences composed of rape, stalking, child sexual abuse, child pornography, indecent exposes. Newbury, 2007) Age consent in this group is very Rape is any sexual activity against females or males will. This sexual offence was introduced in criminology literature as a lust, making a man go crazy after a woman. However these days rape is considered as an act of aggression. 0. Slogan, 2006) Another part called stalking composes of letters/ e-mails, someone watching over the victim’s house or working place also includes damage of property. (Newbury, 2007) Child pornography contains selling books, films with sex acts including children.

These kinds of crimes can cause psychological traumas for victims like hiding their true emotions inside themselves and even become susceptible for further factorization. 0. Slogan, 2006) To summarize these kinds of crimes, they do not put human life directly in danger but they can leave really serious mental traumas and life will never be as if it was before with these cruel crimes. Third category, robbery is violent crime when you are forcing person to give their goods or valuable things to you. 0. Slogan, 2006) Robbery is divided into two parts: acquaintance and rational.

First type is considered about robbing people they know because of a “good take”. However victims of these kinds of crimes do not report about damage because they can be also involved or scold as being “rat” or “fink”. On the other hand even despair can make someone commit a robbery. Some of the robberies can also be committed because of Jealousy or revenge of belief that you have been treated unfairly. Second type, are robbers that developed particular set of skills required for professionals but it is mostly armed criminals whose targets are females for they are easier to rob.

In addition to that, punishment for these criminals depends on how much force they used but not how much they stole. 0. Slogan, 2006) Property crime – burglary consists of getting into a building to steal things. Burglaries are mostly split up into two groups: domestic and midsection. Midsection burglaries are comprised of businesses such as hotels and breaking into them and places that does not count as house. Domestic burglaries break in “inhabited dwellings” like summer house or caravans. ( Newbury, 2007)That is why it is important to have home security or know the district that you live in.

For example area of citizens living with physical disorder has a much bigger chance of getting burgled. Also time during which the house is unattended and routine of non-attendance is very important. However before committing these crimes you have to become a burglar, first step for that would be learning some techniques such as how to enter a house or an apartment. Other things you should be able to do is to team up with other criminals and create a rimming gang and you have to choose carefully because you will have to trust them.

Also one must have inside information and know where they can sell those goods that they stole. 0. Slogan, 2006) To sum up, there are many different aspects to burglary, chances of getting burgled depends not only burglars but on the victims as well. To summarize this, essay helps our understanding by explaining criminology in various ways. It included psychological problems such as delusions, personality disorders or out of helplessness and anger towards police in difference. However moieties it doesn’t have to be illness to put them on path of criminal where can be more down to earth reasons like greed, Jealousy.

Also it can include hatred created by some prostitute which shared Aids. These parts explained why criminals break law. Essay also consisted of defining various types of crimes such as violence against its disposal, such as sociology, psychology, economy, politics and even history. By approaching each crime or case individually and breaking it down to its basic building blocks such as nature of it, reasons for doing it, events that lead to it, recess of doing it and outcome of the crime, one can thoroughly and adequately analyses and understand it.

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