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Research Background General Overview of Crime in the world Crime is bound to happen anywhere and it happens all around the globe. Crime is the intentional commission of an act usually deemed socially harmful or dangerous and specifically defined, prohibited, and punishable under criminal law (Merriam Webster, 2013). Crimes run from trespassing up to committing murder.

Young or old, anyone can commit a crime and crime will never end but it can be prevented.Crimes cannot easily be stopped, but there are things that each of us can do to help stop it. United States of America is at the top of the crime statistics list when it comes to total crimes. Based on the 2012 Preliminary Crime Statistics of 2012, from January to February, the new preliminary Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) statistics for 2012 indicate that when compared to data for 2011, the number of violent crimes reported by law enforcement agencies around United States increased 1. 2 percent during 2012, while the number of property crimes decreased 0.

percent. (FBI, 2013) 1. 1. 2 Crime in Local Setting Crime is a significant concern in any area of the Philippines.

Typical criminal acts include pick-pocketing, confidence schemes, acquaintance scams, and, in some cases, credit card fraud. Carjacking, kidnappings, robberies, and violent assaults sporadically occur. According to the Philippine National Police Directorate for Investigation and Detective Management, the Total Crime Volume (TCV) in 2012 was 217,812 as compared to 2011 with 241,988 – a decrease of 24,176.Of the total 217,812 crime incidents, the National Capital Regional Police Office (NCRPO) registered the highest with 56,978 followed by Regions 3 (Bulacan, Bataan, Pampanga, Nueva Ecija, Zambales, Tarlac, Aurora) and 7 (Cebu, Bohol, Negros Oriental, Siquijor) with 22,498 and 20,466 reported incidents respectively.

Theft (43,606 incidents), physical assault (34,825 incidents), and robbery (26,988 incidents) are the top three commonly committed crimes according to the TCV. (Bureau of Diplomatic Security, 2012) 1. 1. Local Situation of Crime and Performance Management System The process of the Crime Management System in the Philippines is unorganized that it can still be improved. Crime Management is one of the main function of law enforcement personnel. Crime Management initially consists of the response of police officers to crime incidents such as the detection of offenders, preliminary investigations, responding to requests for assistance, the commencement of prosecutions and the investigation of crimes.

Crime management aims to promote public safety and property security.The current Performance Management that PNP Crame have is called Performance Governance System. It consists of modules like balanced scorecards, strategy maps, and dashboard that is used for evaluation of the whole PNP and its officers. A balanced scorecard is a management system that enables any organization, such as the PNP, to set, track, and achieve its key strategies and objectives.

The dashboard is meant to ensure the balance scorecard is on track, it provides the user with critical, current information about the operation of their office or unit. 1. 1. Opportunities Developing the Crime and Performance Management System for the Philippine National Police would offer a great number of opportunities. Included is the opportunity to showcase the abilities in improving, managing and providing necessary information.

Another is the opportunity to gather data and observe the effects and benefits of it to our country and the IT field. One opportunity the group has been able to identify is the opportunity cost efficiency because based on our study; the system can maximize the ability of one person in handling the reports.The system will make workload easier, if in current existing system they are allocating 3 person for paperwork, with the proposed system it can make their job easier in proposed system they it can now be reduced to just to 1 person. It will be a very big factor for the police law enforcers since law enforcer are also the encoder of reports in stations through the help of the system reducing the personnel handling the data in station the law enforcer who able to reduce can now go into field because one problem of PNP they don’t have much law enforcers in fields to fight the criminals.Another opportunity that the group identified is that it can make the status of the blottering we are doing the blottering centralized.

Through centralization of blottering it will be faster and precise. In their current system they are having a difficult time in updating blotter records because of needing to compare each blotter records from different precincts if it has a match which consumes more time. With the proposed system the PNP precinct can now have a more precise and faster transaction of blotter records.Developing the system would help the Philippine National Police to manage crime incidents report by creating a centralized database of reports. Organization of the crime incident reports would help them consume less time in searching.

It would also help them manage criminal profiles through a centralized gallery of criminals for ready identification of the complainants. The case monitoring that is a module that would help PNP to easily monitor and track cases for progress. Proper assessment of police officials is also part of the system to monitor their performance for work efficiency.Given these opportunities, it would provide the group the opportunity to implement what the group have learned to improve their current system.

Problem Statement Despite the current organized existing system of the Philippine National Police, the group still able to see some problems that the company is facing. Below is the problem analysis approach that was used in identifying their problems and solutions for the improvement of their system which was gathered through interview, site visitation and research to analyze their current situation.ProblemsSolutions Data retrieval is slow; Existing Monitoring of Case Reports are not sorted by Crime/ Modus OperandiCase Monitoring – Centralization of data/cases – Data Retrieval will be faster using search feature – Sorting by Type of Crime (e. g. Robbery, Murder, etc.

), by Type of Modus Operandi. Poor Tracking of Cases due to lost files, and case papers’ decay through time (xerox copy)Case Monitoring – Centralization of their Data / Cases – Information / Cases are more securedInaccurate Crime Reporting when updating; Crime ManagementCrime Incident Reporting System (CIRS) – To Reduce inaccuracy of crime reports, – Can be easily accessed by the police stations. Dispersed Information from different Police stations are difficult to integrateCrime Incident Reporting System (CIRS) – To Centralize all the data generated from the National Crime Reporting System (NCRS) and the Unit Crime Periodic Report (UCPER) No centralized database of warrants and not accessible from other by precinctsE-Warrant – Warrant DatabaseDelay in retrieval of criminal data because of unorganized criminal profileE-Rogue -To unite and set a standard format of recording personal data and mug shots. -To easily search, view and retrieve for ready identification by the complainant.

Unable to verify locations with high crime rates for police deploymentCrime Mapping – To able to deploy Law enforcement personnel to certain location that have a high statistic of crime rates considering time, day and etc. Unreliable Assessment of Police QualificationPerformance Management – To able to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of each Law EnforcerOne of the current problems that the Philippine National Police is facing in their current system is slow Data retrieval when it comes to cases due to files that are not sorted by different types of Crime/Modus Operandi. They only sort it by case number and are placed and cluttered in the file cabinet. This problem makes retrieving of data slow especially in the follow ups of the case. To achieve a faster data retrieval, the group plans to have a Case Monitoring module in the system that has a database of cases with search and sorting feature for faster data retrieval.

It will not only solve slow data retrieval but it will also help them monitor cases for progress, update information on cases and disseminate necessary information through different police stations based on the update information gathered. Another problem that their monitoring team is facing is the poor tracking of cases due to lost files, case papers decay through time which leads to having hard time reading the paper materials. Most of the case papers are Xerox files and fade through time when left on the file cabinet for long time due to slow following up of cases.Seeing this problem the groups plans to solve this by having a centralized database of case information that would make their data more secured and can easily be accessed by authorized police personnel of different police stations.

The next problem that the group was able to identify based on research and interview in our target domain is the Inaccurate Crime Reporting when updating. A Crime Incident Report System (CIRS) can help to reduce inaccuracy of crime reports, and can be easily accessed by the different police stations.To solve inaccuracy, the group plans to have an update option for blottering which will help them solve some inaccurate report. An example would be a witness going through the blotter process and after some time, the witness forgot to tell some necessary information which would mean that the witness needs to come back.

That means another blotter report should be recorded but with the use of the proposed system it can just be updated and records will be more accurate. In their current process it takes time to update the record which sometimes leads to problems.Another problem that the group was able to identify in their current system is delay of information dissemination from different headquarters which is essential for the higher authorities for taking actions immediately. Dispersed Information from different Police stations are difficult to integrate that is why by using the CIRS they will have centralize data generated from the National Crime Reporting System (NCRS) and the Unit Crime Periodic Report (UCPER) that can be accessed immediately.Another problem is that there is no centralized database of warrants for all the precincts in any city here in the Philippines.

So the group is proposing a module called ‘E-warrant’ to give solution to this problem, it will serve to establish, maintain and update regularly the e-database of warrant of arrests and fast track the processes in the Criminal Justice system. The police officers can easily get updates and will be able to see the new suspect that they need to arrest. Through this module, the process of the preliminary investigation will be faster and more accurate.The group has also determined a problem that the PNP is facing, which is the delay in retrieval of data because of unorganized criminal profile.

This problem will be solved by a module that our group is proposing, which is the E-Rouge (gallery); it is an electronic database of criminals that will serve to unite and set a standard format of recording personal data and mug shots of each criminal and also to easily search, view, and retrieve for ready identification by the complainant. Another problem of the PNP is that they are unable to analyze the data reported to them regarding Crime Rates and its locations.Our group decided for a Crime Mapping with Crime Statistics which will serve as a guide for PNP to determine the location which they need to focus on and to help them deploy police officials in a certain location based on crime rates. It will serve as a possible prevention of crime.

Base on the PNP’s performance governance system that the group able to analyze is that some law enforcer are not suited in their position or not qualified in the position and also some law enforcer is over qualified in their current position.Through the help of the performance management that the group is proposing it will be able to identify the law enforcement who need still need to undergo trainings and seminar. Also it will indicate if the law enforcer is over qualified or needs to be promoted already. The group will focus in 2 criteria’s of promoting which will be the normal promotion and special promotion. In normal promotion it is based on the experience of the law enforcer and his qualification while in special promotion there are law enforcer who are overqualified in their current position and needs to be promoted already.

. 2 Conceptual Framework ? The research was based on the concepts which will be associated to the system that the team proposing to do. The group are proposing of doing crime intelligence and performance management. All of the concepts are undergo in such research and provided concrete basis and served as guidelines in the development of the system. The group identified several problems that PNP headquarters are facing resulting to slower their processes, poor tracking of records also delay in retrieval of records.The project is mainly focused in the problems of Camp Crame which is the central department who handles police information all over the country.

Also the group found that there is a problem in the position of law enforcer which is the unreliable assessment of police qualification. Some police officer are not suited in their current position and some are already over qualified who needs to be promoted and some outstanding law enforcer and not given credits in promotion who needs to be given a special promotion.Through this concepts and problems that the group identified the group now decided to create a system that will give solution to this identified problems. To give solution through this problems the group did some researches and gathered information needed to possible solution to the identified problems.

In the research the group pinpoint the possible concepts and concepts that needed in the project. The group found out that the essential and the most needed concept in the project are the Crime Management and Performance Management.Crime Management is covers the immediate response of police officers to the crime which is the highlight information that the group needs. Crime management is essential in developing solution under this crime management our group will tackle Incident Report System which will consist of centralized e-Blottering, e-Warrant and e-Rouge, and Case Monitoring also the group will tackle some concepts needed to these system which are Crime Mapping, Crime Clock, Crime Statistics and Knowledge Management.The group also studied Performance management because it will be a solution to the problem that the group has been indicated.

In performance management we will focusing in the possible law enforcer who needed trainings and seminars also we will focus in the promotion which the group will base on the guidelines and balance scorecard of each law enforcer and the guidelines in promotion given by the PNP Camp Crame. Through these concept we are able to form a ossible system that the group will developing to address the said problems. The system that the group will be developing, which is called Crime Intelligence and Performance Management System, will include a centralized database of crime incidents, warrant of arrests, criminal profiles or mug shots, a heat map of crimes around Quezon City, and with Performance Management mainly for the police officers of Quezon City precincts and Camp Crame.These are all the modules that the group is proposing to solve the following problems: (1) Data retrieval is slow, (2) poor tracking of cases, (3) inaccurate crime reporting when updating, (4) dispersed information from Police stations are difficult to integrate, (5) no centralized database of warrants and no accessibility by other precincts, (6) delay in retrieval of criminal data because of unorganized criminal profiles, (7) unable to analyze locations of High Crime Rates, (8) Unreliable Assessment of Police Qualifications. .

2. 1 Crime Incident Reporting System This module will consist of the blottering process or also called crime incident report. It will ensure that all incident record forms are encoded in the system. It will easily monitor cases that left unsolved. This module will solve the following problems: inaccurate crime reporting when updating and dispersed information from different police stations are difficult to integrate.Case monitoring module which is part of CIRS will solve the following problems: slow data retrieval; Existing Monitoring of Case Reports are not sorted by Crime/ Modus Operandi and Poor Tracking of Cases due to lost files, and case papers’ decay through time (Xerox copy).

With the help of case monitoring, centralized cases will now be available, data retrieval will be faster, and information of cases are more secured. 1. 2. 2 E-warrantThis module will consist of a database of all the warrant of arrests issued in Quezon City.

But before the judge issues the warrant of arrest, there would still be preliminary investigation. The investigators would try to prove if the crime reported really happened, and verify if the suspect is guilty of the crime committed. This module will solve the problem: No centralized database of warrants and not accessible from other precincts. 1. 2.

3 E-RougeThis module will consist of a database of criminal profiles and possible mug shots / sketches of wanted criminals/ suspects submitted by all the precincts in Quezon City. This will help complainants to identify immediately possible suspects. 1. 2. 4 Crime Mapping This module will consist of a heat map of crime rates of Quezon City, and also specific statistics and percentages of whichever crime happens more frequently per area (e.

g. 20 Kidnapping Incidents per month in Brgy.San Antonio). 1.

2. 5 Performance Management This module will consist of balanced scorecards, strategy maps, and dashboard. It also has a sub-module called Performance Measurement; this consists of the Individual Performance Evaluation Report (IPER), Performance Appraisal, awards in Present Rank, Rank Seniority, and Qualification Standards. Under Qualification Standards are the following: Eligibility, Training, Education, and TIG/Experience.Based on these evaluation; the system will be able to analyze the data gathered to show police officers that needs to undergo training and seminars, needs to be promoted and most importantly to know if they are qualified for their job to be deployed in a certain area.

1. 2. 6 Technologies The technologies the group plans to use are the following: PHP, MYSQL, Intranet, Crystal Report, and HTML5. The PHP would be used for coding of the whole system we chose to use this because it will be more appropriate to the system and for programmer it is more easy to use, it is clean and convieniet.MYSQL would be uses for the database of the system.

HTML 5 would be used for coding the possible mobile application. Crystal Report will be used for the Report Generated of the system. 1. 3 Research Objectives 1. 3. 1 General Objectives o The main objective for the buildup of a Crime and Performance Management System is to be able to maximize management capabilities of law enforcement personnel, help decision makers and support users for overall processes that concerns with Crime and Law Enforcement Personnels.

1. 3. 2 Specific Objectives   To increase efficiency in  recording incident information during blottering process o   To ensure that qualified Law Enforcement Personnels are assigned in every police stations o   Provides a dedicated crime reporting system that is highly secured and accessible on a 24/7 o   Provide a systematic means of accounting and monitoring of all crime statistics committed in particular area for crime mapping and assessment o   To be able to help Police Staff in recording and monitoring information when it comes to crime and performance o   To enhance the process of disseminating necessary information from different headquarters o   To provide updated criminal information o  To make a system that will assist in the coordination of different police stations and headquarters. o   To determine the role of ICT in integrating the concerned concepts in crime and law enforcement’s performance 1. 4 Scope and Limitations The group decided to focus on the modernization of crime management in the Quezon City Police Departments, but the project will primarily focus on Camp Crame.

The group decided to use Camp Crame and 2 Police precinct in Quezon City as the main test bed for the project.Process that will be included in the system are:  (1) Centralized – Blottering Process that will gather and store data for the information needed in Crime Mapping, Case Monitoring, Case Reports, criminal profiling and Police performance measurement. The problem with their blottering system is that it is only accessible to one precinct. By having centralized system the PNP can identify if one blotter record would match the other records of different police stations. The purpose of this is for them to verify and identify records of the criminal or suspects. (2) Criminal Profiling Process which is the collection of profile, pictures, photographs and facial composites of criminals and suspects that can be easily searched, viewed and retrieved for ready identification by the Complainants.

3)e-Warrant Process it will serve as a collection of warrant of arrests of different criminals, that will help the investigators to easily search, view and retrieve information of persons with outstanding warrant of arrests and those with previous arrest orders. (4)Performance Measurement Process is the process that will help indicate Police Officers who are not qualified for their position or those who needs to undergo in trainings and seminars and also this will serve as a guideline to Police that has capability and outstanding records to indicate who needs to be promoted. The processes of performance management are based on the police records and their scorecards exam. The main users of the systems are the officers in our target domain and department in Camp Crame.

Our group decided to implement it through a web based system with the help of intranet for Camp Crame, so that it will be connected with one another and for easy access in different police stations and departments that are involve. (5) Crime Mapping is the process of showing the percentage of crimes in a certain area. This would help them identify locations of high crime rates. The reason the group picked Camp Crame because it is the headquarters of the Philippine National Police (PNP), and they serve as the central department who handles police information all over the country. They also profile and document all criminal cases submitted by regional departments. Because of this the group can get all the significant data needed for our project.

1. Significance of the Study 1. 5. 1 Significance to the Country and to the PNP The significance of the study to the country and to the Philippine National Police (PNP) is to be able to identify the background and concepts under crime and performance management to help reduce crime rates / prevent crimes, enhance the performance of police officers, and promote public safety by maximizing the use of available resources. The group expects to learn how the PNP’s crime prevention and performance management works in general and how to properly implement a system to a government agency like the PNP. The group expects to have a double-sided helping relationship with the PNP.

As the group tries to develop a system for the PNP, the group members also want to learn new things from them. 1. 5. 2 Significance to the I. T.

Field The significance of the study to the I. T. field is being able to differentiate the various systems that are currently being used and improving it to promote the use of I. T. in different fields.

This can possibly increase the use of I. T. projects for other government branches, and in return, it would imply the rise of the I. T. industry in our country. Through the help of the study, the group and the I.

T. Department of PNP Crame can further create a better system that would help build a more improved system.

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