Crafting a Successful Advertising Campaign

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Advertising is the marketing strategy of the company to entice the current and potential market to buy the product they are offering. This marketing tactic should arouse the interest of prospective customers.

It should enable a positive response, one which will translate this interest into the actual purchase of the products of the firm. The advertisement should also inform the customers about the product being offered. It should detail what are the general characteristics and specifications of the product and the unique features of the product which will differentiate it from its competitors.It is not enough to inform the customers about the product. the advertisement should also convince them that the claims of the company on the product are meritorious. And most importantly, the advertisement should persuade the customers to buy the product.

This is the final goal that the ad is supposed to do. It must be kept in mind that advertising has a both an objective and emotional aspect. The objective aspect is the informational role of the advertisement as it is the emotional aspect of advertisement which is directed towards the arousing and the strengthening of needs of the customers.To explain the strengthening of the needs of customers, this is an example. The market demand for products which will meet their needs such as products that would give them a nicer skin complexion, more advanced technological gadgets, better fashion statement and style are repeatedly stirred and strengthened with advertisement and are recommended as additional advantages for certain products such as cosmetics, cell phones, clothes etc. However, advertising can also be of a defensive nature.

In this case, its job is tokeep an existing product known against new products. Advertising costs a lot and its success is largely dependent on its quality. In order to have long-term success with advertising, it needs to be systematically and carefully planned with the scope of an advertising concept. For an advertisement campaign to be effectively successful, it must consider different factors that affect a good advertising campaign. There is no one way to ensure that an advertising campaign would be effective all the time.

It depends on how the market will accept the marketing strategy of the company. It is therefore generally recommended that a thorough analysis of the market be initiated first before the company carry on the advertisement that it is going to pursue. It is here that the advertising concept is brought out since it shows what elements of an effective advertisement should be focused on. An advertising concept of the company is to be created based on the performance concept and the marketing mix of the company which pertains to the product, pricing, distribution and promotion.

Essentially it must be able to how the key elements of an effective advertising campaign. It must detail what is the target market. This is addressing to whom is the advertisement for. Then it should also convey a message. This pertains to what is to be said in the advertising.

Next, the advertising style should be focused on. This refers to the style of advertising that the company wants to convey for their product. It should also specify the advertising medium that it is going to use. Most popular alternatives are print ad, radio and TV advertisements.Print advertisements refer to the newspaper, magazines, flyers, posters, tarpaulins and others. Advertisement on the internet is also a trend for companies nowadays.

This is due to the fact that more and more potential customers are being hooked to the World Wide Web. The starting date and duration of the advertisement should also be known. It must be specified when should the advertising be made and for how long should it be made. The location and distribution of the advertisement should also be known.

It must specify where should the advertisement be made.For the radio and TV commercials, it should be known whether it is going to be on a local, national or international radio and/or TV station. For the print ad, it should be known whether the advertisement would be on a local, national or international newspaper, magazine or journal. The firm should analyze the most strategic decision to make, one that will provide the greatest benefit for the company. The company must also consider the budget they have for the product advertisement.

They should specify how much they are willing to spend to come up with a good advertising campaign.Aside from promotional activities, the company could consequently carry out sales promotions through discounts, sales representations, public relations activities such as publicities wherein an in-depth knowledge of the product is revealed. In creating the advertising concept, the firm should consider the fact that the advertising must be designed such that it is noticed. It must clearly stand out from the competitor’s advertising.

It should be the one being talked about and not its competitors. Another thing that the firm should consider is that every advertising campaign needs a certain period of time to take effect.An idea for an advertisement must be continued for a long enough time for a uniform picture of the products and of the company to be created. The logo, lettering and design elements of the product as well as the company itself should be consistent all through out the advertisement campaign. This is to familiarize the buyers with the actual visual representation of the product and the firm.

This way product and company loyalty among the buyers can be created since they have a visual representation of the company for which they can relate to.The question as to how much money to spend on advertising is of basic significance. If you spend very little money on advertising, the resulting effect can be completely insignificant. At the same time, from a certain intensity of advertising onwards, each additional unit of money spent on advertising hardly shows any additional effect. Therefore, the effectiveness of advertising obviously does not increase proportionally with increased spending.

This is because there is no guarantee that increasing the spending will increase the effectiveness of the ad campaign.The company could have the biggest budget on advertisement as compared to their competitors but a lapse in the elements of the other factors in the advertising concept could mean the unsuccessfulness of the ad campaign to translate the curiosity of the market for the product into the actual purchase of the product. In the case of Geico, its cavemen were successful in its advertisement. Being an insurance company, their target market is the adult market.

But with the effectiveness of their ad campaign, they were able to retain product positioning even for those outside of their target market.A bonus for a well developed ad campaign. They are able to have their message brought, they were able to develop a good style for their advertisement and the media they chose, which is TV became an effective medium of translating this message and style to all those who viewed their advertisement. Sadly, this was not the case Volswagen.

According to Awfulcommercials. com the TV advertisement would just have irrelevant stuffs happening. Furthermore, Awfulcommercials. com states in its article Volkswagen and the Story of the Weird German Man : After that stuff happens, some more stuff happens.Then it’s rounded out by more stuff and talking. Sometimes when making a commercial intentionally weird you can get a little too weird and the commercial gets bad.

But then, theoretically, if you keep going and make it so very weird, something magical may happen. I’m not sure if this commercial went far enough in that direction, but it’s far enough to be disorientating and dangerous to those with weak hearts, pregnancy, and back or neck injuries. The commercial did not cater to the target market effectively. The message was incoherent with the viewers not sure about the message that the commercial wants to convey.The style is not good as it is disorientating and even said to be dangerous for those who don’t have strong stomachs.

Even though TV is a good choice for an advertising medium, it was not enough to say that the ad campaign was a success. Being one of the major top players in the automobile industry, it is without a doubt that the company has a huge budget for its advertisement to be able to compete with the other major players in the industry. With the ineffectiveness of their ad campaign, it is really a great loss for the company.Reference

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