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Purpose: to determine the percent by mass of magnesium chloride in a potassium nitrate magnesium chloride mixture using a gravimetric analysis.

Theory: In our lab we perform an analysis called gravimetric analysis, hence the title of the lab. Gravimetric analysis, by definition, includes all methods of analysis where the final stage is weighing. Gravimetric analysis can also be described as a method based on the isolation of the desired constituent in pure form or in some combined form from a sample, and weighing the isolated constituent. This is very similar to what we performed in our lab.
Analytical chemistry is the study of the chemical composition of natural and artificial materials. It is not restricted to any particular type of chemical compound or reaction.

Properties studied in analytical chemistry include geometric features such as molecular morphologies and distributions of species, as well as features such as composition and species identity. Analytical chemists have made immensely important contributions to the sciences including: the development of concepts and theories, biomedical applications, environmental monitoring, quality control of industrial manufacturing and forensic science.
Analytical chemists typically use a diverse range of high tech methods to investigate the chemical nature of substances. The aim of such work is to identify and understand the substance and how it behaves under different conditions. For example, in the pharmaceutical industry, analytical chemists are involved throughout the development of the drugs. They study the physical or chemical properties of drug substances and formulations.

They may also be involved with things as varied as toxicology to quality control.Materials:
• Mixture sample
• Weighing vial
• Analytical balance• Filter paper
• Funnel
• 250 mL beaker• Stirring rod
• Distilled water
• .1 M AgNO3• Buret
• Buret clamp
• RingstandSafety Considerations:
Silver nitrate is..


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