CPACE Study Guide

Positive and sustained school climate
promotes academic achievement
healthy develompment
teacher retention, which in turn promotes positive climate

5 Types of data for school climate
focus groups, observational methods, interviews, participatory action research, student/staff/family survies

School Climate Data reflects
meaningful student/staff/family engagement. social, emotional, ethically, civic dispositions

Comprehensive School Climate Assessment
id’s how families and communities see schools strengths, weaknesses and needs

Types of Achievement Data – what we want to impact
annual testing, periodic assessments and demonstrations, ongoing formative & summative assessmsent

Types of Demographic Data- clarifies students needs
gender & ethnicity
socio-economic status
special needs

Types of Program Data
Curriculum & Instruction
School Climate, codes of conduct
Teacher recruitment, retention & professional development
auxiliary programs – after school, tutoring

Types of Perception Data – “perceived problems”
Opinions & ideas of Stakeholders
can support hypothesis about program/student need

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