Covalent Bonds

Covalent Bonds are
bonds formed by the sharing of electrons between nonmetallic elements of similar electronegativity.
a _________ is a type of covalent bond between two atoms in which electrons are shared unequally
polar bond
_________ compound occurs when there is an equal sharing of electrons between two different atoms.
True or false: Covalent compounds are conductors
False; they are not conductors at any state
_________ molecules are molecules composed only of two atoms, of either the same or different chemical elements.
Diatomic molecules
Name CO2
Carbon dioxide
Name H2S
Dihydrogen Sulfide
Name CO
Carbon monoxide
We only add the prefix mono to the last element if there is only ____ of it.
Hexa means
hepta means
non means(hint:number)
True or False: MgCl2 is an covalent compound
false; it is ionic. Magnesium is a metal
True or false: Sugars are covalent compounds.
The element that currently has the greatest electronegativity is ______.
When drawing Lewis dot structures for Covalent compounds, the center atom usually has the most _______ sites.
What is Dihydrogen monoxide?
What is CH4 and how are we familiar with it?
methane; it’s our fart and main component of natural gas(87%)
True or false: NF3 is nonpolar
Name the acid, H2O2
HBr is_______.
Hydrobromic acid
_______________ is a solution of hydrogen chloride (HCl) in water, that is a highly corrosive, strong mineral acid with many industrial uses.
Hydrochloric acid
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