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Aspects of true courage include control, including giving up control, as well as the ability to give it your all or even give nothing. In its purest form, courage is the ability to assess a situation and decide whether standing up and fighting or standing down and letting go of control is the best thing to do to for the greatest good. This definition of courage can be Seen when standing up or standing down can aggravate a situation, help other people, and advance situations if not done in the proper moment.

To begin, standing up or standing down can cause either good or harm which is why it is essential to true courage to know when to do which for good results.

To stand up and fight can cause greater damage if not done in the appropriate situation. This damage is seen when Marianne, on her death bed, says, make me feel like a failure when you keep telling me to fight the illness” (Sapid). Her husband can’t accept her severe illness, and desperately fights the inevitable which just makes her feel like a “failure. ” He makes her feel worse because of his constant fight.

In this situation, it would have been better to stand down and give up control and just allow the inevitable to OCCUr.

True courage would have been realizing that comforting her instead of forcing her; helping her, instead of pushing her was the best course of action to truly help her. Equally harmful can be the decision to stand down when standing up is the best decision and route to most good. In Night, Lie Wishes acknowledges this harm when he states, “Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented” (Wishes 189).

Standing down in the face of injustice and oppression is harmful to the ‘Victim” and “tormented. Standing down allows for the oppression and torment to continue. These situations require standing up and fighting. Courage is knowing that the situation requires fight and struggle and then actually doing it. Both of these texts reveal the harm that comes from choosing the wrong course of action.

True courage requires the proper assessment of a situation so that one can act according to what will yield the greatest good.

Second, an important part of true courage is deciding the best course of action for the greatest good and following it through when your decision will effect the harming or helping of somebody else. Letting go of loved ones can be the most difficult thing, but standing down and letting them go to protect them is very courageous. Paul Reassigning makes the impossible decision to let his family travel to safety without him.

He decides to stay behind, with his only strength stemming from the thought of their safety (Hotel Rwanda).

He made the decision thinking that it would produce the greatest possible good for everyone. If he had stood up and made another decision, then he would have either hurt his family or the other refugees. Even though his Emily was attacked and never made it to safety on that trip, he made the decision thinking that they would without a doubt make it to safety, and it is that thinking that categorizes this decision as courageous.

Paul made the best possible decision in that moment. Courage has been defined as being willing and doing everything in one’s power to help others.

There are people who claim those who witness harm to somebody else and do nothing to stop it are uncourageous. Those same people would classify Paul Resignation’s decision to not aid his Tutsis neighbor being arrested as uncourageous.

He decided to allow the arrest instead of interfering (Hotel Rwanda). Courage though, is making decisions to get the greatest good for all. Paul made the choice to stand down, which was the best choice at that moment, which is what courage is. He would have only attracted police attention to his Tutsis family and the man would have still been arrested.

He was just looking out for the wellbeing of his family. Paul Reassigning made many courageous decisions, and although not all fit into normal courage by some standards, they fit into true courage.

Courage is standing up or standing down, pending on the situation and what will yield the greatest good. Lastly, events can only be advanced if a decision to stand up or stand down is made, but making the wrong decision can advance it in the wrong direction as well as vice versa for making the correct decision.

Making the wrong decision can cause or allow advancement in a damaging direction which is why being able to make the right decision and avoid this is essential to what courage is. This damaging advancement can be seen in Night when, ‘the US government did little to Stop the slaughter.

.. ” (Farrell 182). The United States Todd down and allowed for the ‘Slaughter” of other human beings to continue.

The United States made a decision that did not look for the greatest good and therefore was not courageous. Millions of people were dying but the U.

S. Did little stop it. This was a moment that did not require standing down for the greatest good which is why it is a moment that lacks courage.

Courage is therefore present when you stand up and fight when the moment is right, like this moment. The decision to stand up and take action can lead to advancement in a promising direction. This path to a promising advancement s evident when York asks, “My lord, most humbly on my knee I beg/ The leading of the upward” (Shakespeare). York decides to stand up and take action to lead them into battle.

This decision will give the men someone to look up to as he voluntarily positions himself in the front lines. The men are going into battle stronger now that York made this decision. Courage is correctly deciding to take action for a cause that will bring the greatest good to those around you. Events and situations can be advanced toward promise or damage, depending on the decision made and the present situation. Making the decision that leads to the promising direction is what true courage Works Cited Hotel Rwanda.

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