Cost & Benefits of Attending College

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College is one of the better investments a person can make to enhance their life. Attending college sets you in the right direction to become a successful individual in the future. Yes, college takes time, and a great deal of money, but in the end it is all worth it. People who graduate from college are more likely to obtain a high end paying job than a person with just a high school education. The cost of attending college may be expensive, but, the outcome of it all is worth the wait. The most expensive part of attending college would be the tuition.

However, tuition is not the same for all colleges. At larger colleges of course, the tuition is higher compared to smaller colleges. For instance, to go to a large college such as Rutgers University, one semester would cost a full time student around five thousand dollars. To go to New Jersey City University, which is a much smaller school, one semester would cost about four thousand dollars. Being a student at New Jersey City University, I know it is a big deference in tuition. The tuition you pay to attend college no matter where you go is used to

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finance your education.

Along with tuition there are other fees which need to be paid. There are computer fees, lab fees, books and other sorts of expenses for college. The books for some classes may be expensive in the campus book store, but, you could always find them somewhere else, like online or other book stores. By having the textbook for the class you could always read ahead and be prepared when you attend class. In fact, that is what I do in my Economics class. By reading ahead I know what the professor is talking about when I go to class.

The text book may cost a lot, and it is mandatory, but it helps you within the class to understand what the professor is speaking of. Many people look at college as costing too much. This is true, college is expensive, but there are other things in life which cost more, it all depends on your definition. The cost to go to college may be just the money aspect of it for some people. For others it may cost them their time and effort. In Naked Economics, Charles Wheelan explains that cost is what you are willing to give up in order to receive what you want.

For example, I am giving up spending time with some friends or watching a show on T. V to write this paper. Why? It’s simple really, I need to pass this class in order to move ahead in my college life so it cost me my time to write this paper but I need to in order to receive my grade. To attend college, people give up time, energy, and money to receive the education they want and need for a successful career. Many people attend college because it is part of their incentives.

A college student’s incentives are to receive their education so they could begin their career and make a lot of money. Naked Economics explains how everyone’s incentives shape their habits. Wheelan uses an example of how poachers are killing the black rhino for their horn. The poachers work hard to destroy these animals so they could make their profit. Just as the poachers work hard for their money, a college student works hard to obtain their education so they could be able to make their money. Attending college is a good incentive because it is a lifetime reward.

Receiving an education is an important incentive for many people. Yes, an education may be expensive but it puts you ahead in the long run. A person who works at McDonalds makes probably about twenty eight thousand a year. A college student would probably be making less while in college and working. The individual at McDonalds would probably have a raise and make roughly thirty thousand a year. When the college student graduates, and finds a successful job, this individual would be able to make more than what the person at McDonalds ever made.

Attending college makes it easier to obtain a job, compared to not having that education, and working for minimum wage at McDonalds or Burger King. After graduating college, students are on the hunt to find their ideal job in their area of expertise. When companies are looking for employers, they would not want to hire someone with a low education level. By having your degree and knowledge you could have an upper hand when it comes to acquiring an occupation.

In today’s world if you do not have college education finding a profession on which you could survive on is challenging. The cost of attending college does not come close to all the benefits which come with it. By attending college you are more likely to obtain a high-end paying job than just having a high school education. Reports have shown that on average in 1999 the annual earnings for a high school drop out were $18,900, for a high school graduate $25,900, for a college graduate $45,400 and for holders of professional degrees $99,300.

Although this amount may have increases, there are still similar and show the same point, having a college education allows you to have the ability to make more money in your career. Being able to make more money is not the only benefit from having a college education. Going to college, assists in developing skills in communication, organization, tolerance and many others. The skills many college students learn while in college help them when they enter the job force. A college student would be able to use their communication abilities to negotiate a deal with a company’s client.

These skills would be useful not only in the work environment, but, also in their everyday life. In conclusion, investing in a college education is one of the finest investments a person could make. The cost of attending college is expensive, but it is all worth it when you reap the benefits in the end. In today’s society it is difficult to have a well paid profession without a college degree. Not only is making money a benefit from attending college, but also the skills you learn while there. Investing in a college education has a lifetime worth of benefits.

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