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Cosi. composed by Louis Nowra. is a minimalist drama contextualised by the Vietnam War which emphasises the characters and their growing. Cosi explores the typical thoughts of semblance poetries world and the construct of “madness” in a comedic and advanced manner. through a assortment of dramatic techniques. The device of a play-within-a-play of Cosi Fan Tutte. develops an effectual duality. while foregrounding the dramatic verisimilitude of the values presented in the exterior and inside universes.

Lewis. a immature. inexperient extremist and manager of the production undergoes an extended transmutation during his engagement in the opera as it becomes a accelerator for both him and the patients. The debatable nature of what is considered “normal” high spots the “insane” normalcy of being. which enriches the rule of play. The opening scene establishes the characters and the context of the drama while researching the typical thoughts that are developing. The phase waies [ A burnt out theater ] metaphorically represents the universe at big. presenting the dramatic technique of light and dark.

Heavy sarcasm is utilized when the visible radiations turn on “a little blue hall is revealed” . Through the light. a black state of affairs is revealed symbolizing the life that surrounds the inmates. Unable to distinguish between “normal” and “insane” . misidentifying Roy as a societal worker. “are you the societal worker” . the distinguishable thought of semblance poetries world is introduced alongside the supporter. Lewis. leting respondents to gain Lewis is [ out of his deepness ] with both the production and the patients. The abbreviated sentences and Lewis’ hesitant tone reveals his jitteriness. [ uncertainly ] “yes” . researching the thought through his idiosyncrasy.

As the gap scene further develops the responder’s grasp the thoughts that explore Lewis’ values. His values and good as his friends. Nick and Lucy. are molded political issues. “love is non so of import these yearss. you know the Vietnam War” . which links the play-within-a-play to the outside universe. Lewis’ motives are purely monetary. “I need the money” . researching the thought that he has no artistic purposes or moral dedications to assist the mentally sick. However. ironically. he additions as much from his engagement in Cosi Fan Tutte as the patients do.

The phase waies. [ but he knows he will ne’er go forth ] indicates that Lewis is undergoing a journey of alteration where he will re-think his values and thoughts. reevaluating his topographic point in the universe. Act One juxtaposes the exterior and the inside universes. every bit good as the theatrical universe that Lewis orchestrates through the dramatic construction employed by Nowra. The patients become wholly involved in the production. the dramatic device of temper explores the character’s eccentricities and idiosyncrasies. which although provides amusing alleviation a turning empathy from the audience emerges as the persons calamities are revealed.

The reoccurring tragic motive of “the pill” . [ Ruth starts to dole out pills. ] symbolically represents the thought that the patients lives and world are shaped by medicine. However. it is through Roy’s word picture that explores the typical thought of semblance and world to the extreme grade. Bing institutionalised all his life. Roy has created an semblance of his ain world. “my female parent played the music over and over once more to me” . that is surrounded by optimism that don’t correspond with his world. “I am for the stars Jerry” reenforcing the distinguishable thought of insanity.

Considered the flood tide of the drama. the concluding scene in Act One is a typical pivoting point for many of the characters. In the gap minutes of the scene. Lewis becomes straight involved in Cosi Fan Tutte as he takes on the function of Ferrando. underscoring the thought that Lewis has entered the patient’s universe. The dramatic representation of the thoughts and values of the outside universe. Nick enters the refuge to help Lewis direct the drama. The “madness” and self-delusion obtained by Nick is represented through his light-mindedness tone. “as an histrion he is atrocious. but I make him look good” .

Shocking the respondents. Nick uses profanity and struggle to experience superior to the patients when his values are challenged by Henry. “I am non traveling to set up with this right wing crap” . The overtly theatrical device [ A Beat ] breaks the Forth wall. reminding the respondents to accept the supporters as a dramatis personae within a theater. The typical alteration in Lewis is explored as he develops an empathetic tone as he forcefully prevents Henry from go forthing the production. “hit me. it’s the lone manner I’m traveling to let you to go forth us” .

Lewis has undergone a procedure of personal growing through his interaction with the patients ensuing in his thoughts and values being reshaped. In Act Two. Nowra continues to research struggle as primary dramatic device to develop the typical thoughts of love and fidelity. Act Two Scene Two nowadayss conflict between Lewis and Lucy arising from the play-within-a-play. Choosing the production over the moratorium as it is “about of import things like love” . represents his motion from the values he held at the beginning.

However. the determination frustrates Lucy. [ throwing the book on a chair ] . Her insensitiveness and deficiency of values are portrayed through Lucy’s line bringing. “I slumber with you but have sex with him” . Ironically. Lucy’s sexual treachery mirrors the drama by the lines recited by Lewis diverging him and the opera. “Woman’s stability is like the Arabian Phoenix. everyone swears it exists but no 1 has seen it” . Unlike Lewis. Lucy’s shallowness and thoughts of the universe prevent her from alteration and character growing.

The shutting scenes of Cosi allow the audience to see the enriching and powerful nature of the dramatic medium. Nowra explores the typical thought that ‘serenity’ to an institutionalized person is an unachievable world. Establishing a exultant tone. Justin’s line “Marvellous. Just Marvellous” represents the thought that Lewis has reached enlightenment through his experiences with the production and the inmates which have provided him with new penetrations and apprehensions of the universe.

In contrast. the patients represent that although there may be a clip of ecstasy and affinity. there is non ever growing. As Lewis breaks the “forth wall” . the hereafter of the patients is revealed including decease. overdose and deficiency of patterned advance. Lewis’s soliloquy explores the typical thought that the production was a impermanent accelerator for the patients. The [ blackout ] concludes the drama meaning the cyclic construction as the typical thoughts of “darkness” and “madness” are returned.

Nowra’s drama. Cosi. beds tragedy and comedy as it explores typical thoughts developing an effectual duality between “sanity” and “insanity” . aboard dramatic verisimilitude via the mayhem jokes of the amusing opera of Cosi Fan Tutte. The mental patients assist Lewis’ growing and development shaped by the idea’s of semblance poetries world and love and fidelity explored by the play-within-a-play. Dramatic devices assisted the respondents to develop the enhancing and typical thoughts explored and the powerful nature of the dramatic medium.

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