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An indicative marking guide is given below to let students appreciate the arterial used in marking. Length: 2,500- 3,000 words To be advised Due: TOPICS : Topic 1 : How does the external environment influence HARM within an organization? Research, discuss and give examples Topic 2 : What major demographic changes are likely to affect organizations in the Middle East and Gulf region in the near future? How are these changes likely to affect organizations in the ALGAE ?

How can HER planning help organizations successfully deal with these changes? Research this topic and give examples on how the changes might affect HER planning. Topic 3 : How can the Intranet help line managers better manage their HER spotlessness’s? Research, discuss and give examples Topic 4 : Why is managing diversity acquiring such a central role in human resource and illustrate your arguments with examples. Topic 5: Maintaining and improving employee performance are critical for survival in today’s competitive organizations.

How can training contribute to maintaining and improving performance ? What are the limitations of training ? Research, explain and give examples to illustrate your arguments.. ALWAYS KEEP A SPARE COPY OF YOUR ASSIGNMENTS. Presentation: AY Paper stapled at side or corner Attach assignment cover sheet Typed and double spaced Referencing : Use Harvard method (Please note that all assignments will be subjected to Plagiarism check through Safe Assign) GUIDE – Marking of Essays will be broadly based on the following criteria.

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