1 meter is how many yards?
1m = 1.094yd
1 kilometer is how many miles?
1km = 0.6214 mi
1 meter is how many inches?
1m = 39.37 in
1 foot is how many centimeters?
1ft = 30.48cm
1 inch is how many centimeters?
1in = 2.54cm (exact)
1 liter is how many quarts?
1L = 1.057qt
1 gallon is how many liters?
1gal = 3.785L
1 kilogram is how many pounds?
1kg = 2.205lb
1 pound is how many grams?
1lb = 453.59g
1 ounce is how many grams?
1oz = 28.35g
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