Converse Human Rights Issue

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Converse Is a company established In 1908 by Marquis Mills Converse. This company creates shoes, clothing and accessories. They are most known for their diamond pattern soles in their shoes. This business is owned by Nikkei, and it is Nikkei that establish their code of conduct. These terms include: supply chain verification, supplier audits, direct suppliers’ certificate of materials, standards for compliance and strongly believe In “employment Is voluntary. ” Are they actually living up to their claims though? In 1998, Nikkei dealt with a child labor scandal.

They were allowing young children to sew soccer balls together In Pakistan. Nikkei also had to deal with another large scandal In 1997. The public discovered that Nikkei has been exposing factory workers to toxic fumes. Nikkei hasn’t shown a very promising path, but is Converse following in their footsteps? Contrary to how poorly Nikkei has been treating their workers, there has been no report of Converse abusing human rights. From research done on the internet, no Converse scandals have been found. Lye searched extensively and haven’t found anything about Converse not obeying human rights laws.

If Nikkei isn’t doing so well to follow laws, chances are neither Is converse. Nikkei has

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been taking steps to fixing their problems at the root, though. By talking to the people that supply and manufacture for them, they promise to do better. They are looking to make sure they follow all elements of their Code of Conduct. They strive for supply chain transparency, which means an open relationship between the company and the supplier that can be subjected to investigation. However, Eve looked at websites that don’t leave Converse, ultimately Nikkei, home free.

Nikkei has a website that has a map locator of all the factories they have the work for them. This is part of their whole supply chain transparency idea, opening the location, number of female workers and more information open to the public. This map to “show how they’re cleaning up their act” Isn’t telling people anything. How old are these people? How much are they making? This “Innovative” map doesn’t help their cause, it’s just a distraction to fool those who think it’s a step they took towards leaning up their act.

Nonetheless, they’re Intentions are still good. Nikkei Is cleaning up their act, which means Converse will have a lesser change of not obeying human rights laws. They are working to do good. The only issue is that, as far as I can tell, no one Is checking back on them to see the workers’ conditions. Editorial: 1 OFF of fellow consumers, I personally wouldn’t want Converse to manufacture the way Nikkei has over the past years, I’m sure that they will produce all the products without invading human rights.

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