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This proposal is about Continuous Professional Development classs for instructors that suggested by Ministry of Education and written to Secretary General of Education and targeted to primary instructors and secondary instructors in Malaysia.

In Malaysia, every educational system must hold qualified instructors as a part of the ingredients necessary for the aims of the system to be gauged and attained. The instructors accountable for the system must every bit be accorded a really high precedence. Normally, it could be argued that the nature of the learning profession makes it imperative and expedient for all instructors to affect in go oning calling long professional preparation. One must non overlook that peculiar demands and the methods in which they could be arranged will be different based on status, present temperaments, professional and personal histories. Teachers supposed to accordingly be supported to affect in extended of formal and informal activities that can help them in procedure of reclamation, reappraisal, betterment of pattern and thought and besides more peculiarly that being committed both in bosom and head.

One must non bury of the fact that one chief map of all classs of instructors is to guarantee that they instill in their pupils require to analyze hard. Teachers supposed to instill in their pupils the force for all one ‘s life acquisition as this could travel a long manner to build the suited human resources for Malaysia. Therefore, there is required for all instructors to demo their committedness in their work and avidity for Continuing Professional Development. This is for the ground that Continuing Professional Development will assist all instructors to keep abreast of fluctuation in Malaysia. Not merely that, it would assist them to hold a consciousness of the instructional manners and course of study. Continuing Professional Development is of import for the ground that it can assist better and keep the quality of instructors and the undertakings that are carried out by the caputs of the assortment of schools. It accordingly comprises, among other things, going competent, larning from experience and developing in schoolrooms and besides schools. It besides comprises the more formal accelerated larning chances available through externally and internally created in service instruction and preparation activities.

Problems of Malaysia instruction system:

Harmonizing to the researched, there are some jobs of Malaysia instruction system occurred in recent old ages, there are:

  1. Attitudinal jobs: In malice of the activities embarked upon by the local, province and federal authorities of Malaysia to expose instructors to patronize preparation and retraining, there are big figure of instructors who are immune to change due to their negative attitudes to present new methods and inventions to learn their pupils, which could do pupils failure.
  2. The weak correlativity between school registration rates and the figure of instructors employed in each school is the most obvious index of weak deployment. Variations in pupil – teacher ratio between schools are really big in Malaysia typically ; they range from 40 to 60 pupils to one instructor.
  3. Some of teachers’ incapableness to learn with Information and Communications Technology ( ICT ) : Most Malaysia instructors are non yet to be developed professionally of ICT techniques, accomplishments, abilities and competences that are need for the efficient executing of ICT instruction. Because of this job, Malaysia as a state can’t join the world-wide competition of the information ace main road.
  4. Most of instructors seldom enjoy the same work environment as other professions. The authorities schools are with hapless furniture for instructors and pupils, dilapidated schoolrooms and staff suites ; and these might act upon instruction and acquisition procedure.
  5. Malaysia instructors do non obtain good rewards as other professionals do. Consequently, committedness to the development of the profession is influenced.

Aims of Continuous Professional Development Courses for Teachers:

The overall aim of this Continuous Professional Development Courses proposal is to increase the accomplishment of pupils in school. The specific aims of this Continuous Professional Development Courses proposal are to:

  1. Improve teachers’ ability so that Teach expeditiously by using suited job work outing and new student-centered methods harmonizing to the active-learning-based course of study that was introduced in the twelvemonth of 1994.
  2. Promote teachers’ disciplinary cognition based on the instruction methods and the content of the course of study that needs instructors to prosecute the pupils in the betterment of higher-order thought accomplishments.
  3. Aid instructors gain more positive attitudes, more concerted methods to their occupation at the secondary school degree, and heighten professional individuality.
  4. Introduce the thought of action research and brooding pattern through which instructors studied their pattern to better it.
  5. Promotes instructors to acknowledge their occupation as a professional by supplying new opportunities for acquisition, geographic expedition, growing and development.

In simple footings, the intent of this Continuous Professional Development Course is to better the teachers’ public presentation in the schoolroom and increase the students’ attainment in secondary school. It is a long term procedure of heightening accomplishments, cognition and attitudes that centered on local context and schoolroom pattern. All instructors must be participated actively in their ain acquisition procedure, working with their co-workers, acknowledging their ain requires and the wide scope of activities with informal and formal that will do development of their ain pattern.

Principles of Continuous Professional Development Courses for Teachers:

The chief rules of this Continuous Teachers Professional Development Proposal are:

  1. The professional development’s content concentrates on what pupils are larning and how to turn to the different jobs pupils might hold in larning the stuff.
  2. Professional development will be harmonizing to the analyses of the differences between the criterions and purposes for pupil acquisition and existent pupil public presentation.
  3. Professional development will prosecute instructors in acknowledging what they require to larn and develop their acquisition experiences in which they will be engaged.
  4. Professional development will be chiefly school based and built into mundane work of learning.
  5. Professional development will be organized around coadjutant job resolution.
  6. Professional development will be process on-going and uninterrupted, prosecuting follow up and back up for farther acquisition, consisting support from beginnings external to the school that can offer new positions and indispensable resources.
  7. Professional development will unite appraisal by multiplex beginnings of the information on consequences for pupils and the direction that engaged in put to deathing of lessons learned via professional development.

Because of these jobs occurred in Malaysia instruction systems and might impact the students’ larning ability and hereafter, hence Ministry of Education make up one’s mind to supply Continuous Professional Development for primary and secondary school instructors to better every teachers’ attitudes, accomplishments, cognition and capablenesss of instruction.

Advantages of Continuous Professional Development Courses for Teachers:

Teachers play an of import character in guaranting quality in pupils learning plans. A chief factor that is associated positively with teacher quality is affecting in professional development.

In this proposal, the Continuous Teachers Professional Development engages the procedure of measuring present and future cognition and accomplishment demands on a regular basis that are relevant to a teacher’s duties, every bit good as implementing and be aftering an on-going plan of development and preparation to turn to these requires. When embraced and adopted, the procedure gives advantages to instructors:

  1. Promote excellence in teachers’ leading and instruction pattern.
  2. Be responsible for staying current in teachers’ pattern, accordingly heightening the credibleness of profession with the populace.
  3. Improve professional repute and image.
  4. Progress teachers’ calling.
  5. Invest in future development and reflect on personal attainments.
  6. Learn from others and exchange thoughts, experience, accomplishment and cognition.
  7. Benchmark teachers’ public presentation.
  8. Plan and design instructors own professional development.
  9. Develop the accomplishments that the instructors need to make their work more expeditiously.
  10. Learn in a flexible manner, placing and making the most of available development opportunities.

Theselecteduniversity of Malaysia for Continuous Teachers Professional Development Courses:

Harmonizing to the researched, the Open University Malaysia is the most appropriate university to implement this Continuous Professional Development class for every primary and secondary school instructors. This is because:

  1. Open University Malaysia is located at whole Malaysia and convenience for all primary and secondary school instructors to take part in this Continuous Professional Development class. No affair in East Malaysia or West Malaysia, all primary and secondary school instructors are mandatory to fall in the Continuous Professional Development class. Therefore the Open University Malaysia is the selected university for this proposal, so that the instructors at East and West Malaysia can fall in the class.
  2. Open University Malaysia can supply the best and sufficient lectors, schoolroom, installations and circumstance for implement this Continuous Professional Development class.
  3. Open University Malaysia can supply the appropriate clip for instructors pattern, preparation, practical, larning and test.
  4. Open University Malaysia can offer the cheapest class fee for this Continuous Teachers Professional Development class.
  5. Open University Malaysia provide work and survey manner for instructors, this means that every instructors still can working every bit usual at their primary school and secondary school. Open University Malaysia will choose the suited lesson clip harmonizing to every teachers’ free clip.
  6. Open University Malaysia provide online acquisition manner for instructors excessively. With this online larning manner, if some of the instructors are busy and can non go to the lesson that twenty-four hours, the lector will upload the information of that twenty-four hours lesson into the forum online of Open University Malaysia, so the instructors still can obtain the information of the lesson on the forum. Not merely that, the Open University Malaysia besides provide all past twelvemonth inquiry, assignment and information of the class on OUM web site, so instructors can online acquisition.

How does the Continuous Professional Development hours’ strategy work?

For this proposal, the Continuous Professional Development hours can be transporting out from the structured activities and non-structured activities:

  1. Structured activities:

•Courses such as negotiations, seminars, workshops and conferences organized by Open University Malaysia.

•Courses organized by other professional organic structures or employers ( CPD topic to Board of Governors ‘ blessing )

  1. Non-Structured activities:

•Published and approved books or articles by Open University Malaysia.

•Serve as talker and trainer.

•Serve as commission members of the activities organized by Open University Malaysia.

Who have to keep the Continuous Professional Development hours?

For proposal, the debut of the Continuous Professional Development Requirement will cover all Fellow and Professional Members of Open University Malaysia.

How many Continuous Professional Development hours is required?

All instructors are encouraged to carry through 120 CPD hours over the period of two old ages. Open University Malaysia shall reexamine the records of Continuous Professional Development at the terminal of every two old ages. The audit shall be based on calendar twelvemonth that is from 1 January to 31 December.

Can instructors transport frontward their Continuous Professional Development hours?

For proposal, Continuous Professional Development hours in surplus of the lower limit can be carried over for a period of 2 old ages.

How make the instructors record?

All instructors needed to maintain records of their Continuous Professional Development activities and the clip expended. Records can dwell of certifications of attending, attending lists, grosss, publications, statutory declaration or back uping letters from employers. Notification missive and coverage signifier will be sent at the beginning of each twelvemonth to instructors who are scheduled to describe in that twelvemonth. Duly completed study must be submitted to the Institute by 31 March. Recording for new instructors will get down harmonizing to the day of the month of connection:

Join before 30 June

Continuous Professional Development demand will get down on 1 January of that twelvemonth.

Join after 30 June

Continuous Professional Development demand will get down on 1 January the undermentioned year.CPD hours accumulated during the twelvemonth of connection is permitted to be carried frontward to the undermentioned twelvemonth.

What if the instructors failed to carry through the demand?

Teachers who failed to carry through the Continuous Professional Development Requirement will be given advice on the appropriate CPD activities and an action program for finishing the deficit within a sensible period of clip. The Board of Governors possesses the concluding determination on the disciplinary action to be taken on theteachers who failed to supply evident of sufficient CPD committedness.

Is there any proviso for freedom?

The undermentioned instructors are exempted from CPD Requirement:

•Full freedom shall be granted to Senior Members.

•Temporary freedom may be granted due to sickness. However, a written application must be submitted and be supported by a certification from accredited doctor or infirmary and an official missive of verification of such incident from the employer.

Structured Activities

CPD Hours

Training ProgramsSuch as workshops, seminars, negotiations and other activities conducted by IIA Malaysia.

1-2CPD per hr

Registration and Completion of CIA CertificationCIA enfranchisement

10 CPD

National Conference

Max 30 CPD

Non-structured Activities

CPD Hours

PublicationsA upper limit of 50 hours may be awarded in the Publications class for each biennial period. By and large, one full diary page of single-spaced print is equal to 2 hours of CPD recognition, with the following bounds on each clip of publication:


Books – 50 hours


Articles – 25 hours

degree Celsiuss.

Research documents – 25 hours

Contributions to publications should refer to internal auditing or subjects related to the Common Body of Knowledge. Published articles or books non related straight to internal auditing are acceptable if members are able to show that these activities contribute to their professional audit proficiency.

Max 50 CPD

Oral PresentationsA upper limit of 50 CPD hours may be awarded in the Oral Presentations class for each biennial period.


The hours reported for the first presentation will be based on the presentation clip, plus recognition for readying clip tantamount to three times the presentation clip.


Subsequent presentations of the same stuff may be reported as presentation clip merely, up to a upper limit of 10 CPD hours in each biennial period.

Max 50 CPD

Engagement2-4 CPD hours per meeting may be awarded to Governors, commission members or voluntaries. A upper limit of 20 CPD hours may be awarded to member stand foring IIA Malaysia to a national or international meeting/function.

Max 4 CPD per run intoing Max 20 CPD

Examination Proctor2-4 CPD hours per session may be awarded to CIAs who assist in invigilating the scrutiny. A upper limit of 25 CPD hours may be awarded for each biennial period.

Max 25 CPD

Award WinnerA upper limit of 20 CPD hours may be awarded to an award victor.

Max 20 CPD


CPD recognition will be awarded for full hours merely with a lower limit of 50 proceedingss representing 1 hr. As an illustration, 100 proceedingss of uninterrupted direction would number for 2 hours ; nevertheless, more than 50 proceedingss but less than 100 proceedingss of uninterrupted direction would number for merely 1 hr. Merely category contact or acceptable self-study hours are allowable. For uninterrupted conferences and conventions where single sections are less than 50 proceedingss, the amount of the sections should be considered one entire plan. For illustration, five 30-minute presentations would be 150 proceedingss and should be counted as 3 contact hours


Continuous professional development of instructors will surely convey betterment into Malaysia educational system that will make good, good seasoned and great leaders of future. Therefore, this proposal will give some recommendations in order to better Malaysia educational system: i?¶

  1. Teacher developing establishments in Malaysia ought to be reenforcing to sufficiently react to teachers’ demands and demands.
  2. Opportunities for go oning professional development of instructors ought to be exploited and produced to the upper limit.
  3. More attempt to be geared towards spread outing a positive professional attitude among instructors. Such attitude comprises holding high respects for the profession, maintain the teachers’ codification of behaviour, discontinuing from any action that can destruct the image of the profession.
  4. Information and Communications Technology ( ICT ) ought to be expeditiously used by instructors to ease instruction and acquisition. Teachers ought to be good grounded in the employ of ICT in order that they can use ICT to achieve instructional aims confidently, aptly and efficaciously.
  5. The federal and province authorities ought to supply upward reappraisal of teachers’ wage bundle that will actuate them to give their best to every pupil. Sufficient publicities and inducements ought to be given to instructors when due.
  6. Work environment ought to be convenient and suited for instructors and this can be done by offering beautiful offices, comfy tabular arraies and chairs, and besides equip with sufficient comfortss by the stakeholders of instruction, the school authorization and bureaus of instruction.

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