Content Marketing L2

Content marketing definition
different to traditional marketing, where you receive feedback from consumers and adopt this. Generating useful information to get you interested
Why do you use content marketing? 4 things
1)Opportunities for online advertising are not similar to offline
2) Popularity of ad blocking software
3)Weakness of content channels in certain sectors (B2B)
4)Opportunities for generating customer traffic through search optimisation
The online ad problem – sony
wasn’t achieving conversion rates – wanted to test either personalized or promotional ad
Sony result =
the personalized call to action increased CTR by 6% and shopping cart adds 21.3% over the original
Why is there a shortage of channels for effective online advertising?
physical dollars turning into digital pennies
Search Optimisation engine definition
using as many key words as possible to get relevant content due to the search query
Because of search optimisation Google is constantly making adjustments to
Pay per click
What is content marketing?
Strategy based around creation of end content, a form of ‘corporate journalism’. Companies may be able to leverage unique skills, abilities and access in terms of content.
Content in content marketing is tied into a _____ _____ but is not advertising or sales material
brand message
Content marketing does not necessarily take the form of
traditional print campaigns
Content marketing lends itself to both
search and social media
Content marketing example – Coco cola – their advertisements
are everywhere
of chief marketing officers are unable to identify whether social media has made a difference
What if TV is iP Based? Netflix measures how you
interact and engage with it
What is analytics?
It is the analysis of data from websites, the data can be generated from sources other than websites.
Web analytics focus is on the ______ of data
How can you find out information about visitors to your site?
Analytics software
(Search terms) All organic search terms are now
(Search terms) Paid Google search is still ______ (A conflict of interest?)
(Geography) country, region and city provided. However, maintenance of
PII – limits further data
(Technology platforms) (Most visited/time on page)
Identifies browser, OS, Screen resolution, screen colours and flash version
What is web analytics?
the collection and analysis of data from websites for the purposes of optimising website performance
3 Types of analytics
Onsite, Offsite, Offline
Value of web analytics? Marketing value comes from a combination of 2 variables
These are Visitor information and Goal
Visitor info gives us a person’s=
geography, source, computer, previous behaviour
What does goal info show us about users? =
where did they visit? How long did they stay? How did they interact with the site?
Web analytics problem
most people who could benefit from analysis of data never get the data in form they can use. Access to analytics is often restricted . Maths/technology
Personally Identifiable Information
Range of analytics tools and characteristics(3)
1)free or No PII.
2)Cheap or PII and some customisation.
3)Expensive and fully customizable
An example of no PII and free?
google analytics
An example of Cheap – PII and some customization
Kiss metrics
Expensive – fully customizable example
Adobe Analytics
Google analytics advantages – 6 things
free, reliable, easy to install, easy to use, good integration with other google services, good privacy policies
Google analytics disadvantages – 2 things
Not always free (£90k a year) for Google analytics premium.
Reliance on google and corresponding data ownership issues
How does Google analytics work?
Via a tracking code – includes block of javascript on each page
PII enables?
longitudinal tracking, multi-platform tracking and best used with commerce/registration sites
Cookies definiton
small files set by each website that enable tracking of activity between pages/sessions
Most analytics programmes set third party cookies –
first party:set by domain you are currently on
Third party:set by third party domain
Bounce rate dinition
how quickly people come and go
Visitor definiton
everyone who visits the site
Page views definition
internet user visiting particular page
Unique visitors definiton
no.of distinct individuals requesting pages from website during a given period = someone who hasn’t been on the website before
Dividing consumers
setting an objective
Landing page definition
entry point for a website, wherever you land on a page
Key words
search engine = popular phrases for website
where the engagement occured
Personal Identifiable information definition
information that is directly about you, guidelines about storage and acquisition of personal details
Attribution – how many
channels there are in the decision process – way you should be spending your money
Attribution problem
demand generation, demand fulfilment
Types of interaction –
Direct interaction
types URL
Organic interaction
search query
Paid advertising
PPC links drive traffic to the site on a cost per click basis
Any link to your site from a website or online article is known as a referral link
Multi channel analytics = Attribution funnel model
originator, assist, assist, converter
Twitter and facebook need attribution to prove value on top of the
Qual data – analytics doesn’t always have the answers Kaushik suggests 3 question survey when they leave the site
purpose? complete task? of not why?

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