Contemporary Management Chapter 12

Human Resource Management
Activities that managers engage in to ATTRACT and RETAIN employees
Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO)
equal right of all citizens.. to obtain employment(gender, age, race, country of origin, religion, or disabilities)
Managers & organizations CANNOT legally engage in discrimination based on/ against
race, Sex, Religion, National origin,
individuals past a certain age, women who are pregnant, workers with disabilities?
Managers & organizations CAN legally engage in discrimination against
individuals with differing sexual orientations
Human Resource Planning (HRP)
Activities that managers engage in to FORECAST their current and future needs for human resources.
Components of a HRM System(5)
-labor relations
-pay and benefits
-performance appraisal/feedback
Activities that managers engage in to develop a pool of candidates for open positions.
process that managers use to determine the relative qualifications of job applicants
External Recruiting
Looking outside the organization for people who have not worked at the firm previously
Internal Recruiting
Managers turn to existing employees to fill open positions
Selection Process
Managers find out whether EACH applicant is qualified for the position
Selection Tools(6)
-Background Info
-Paper & Pencil Tests
-Performance Tests
-Physical Ability Tests
the degree to which the TOOL measures the same thing each time it is used
the degree to which the TEST measures what it is supposed to measure
Teaching organizational members how to perform current jobs
Building the knowledge and skills to enable them to take on new responsibilities and challenges.
Classroom Instruction
-Employees acquire skills in a classroom setting
-Includes use of videos, role-playing, and simulations
On-the-Job Training
Training that takes place in the work setting as employees perform their job tasks
Varied Work Experiences
Top managers have need to and must build expertise in many areas.
Formal Education
Tuition reimbursement is common for managers taking classes for MBA or job-related degrees.
Performance Appraisal
evaluation of employees’ job performance
-Traits, behaviors, results
Potential Sources of Performance Appraisals
-Customers or clients
-Includes employees’ base salaries, pay raises, and bonuses
Pay Level
relative position of an organization’s incentives in comparison with those of other firms
Pay Structure
arrangement of jobs into categories based on their relative importance to the organization
ex: CEO-VP-Director-Dept Manager
-Legally required: social security, workers’ compensation, unemployment insurance
-Voluntary: health insurance, retirement, day care
-Cafeteria-style benefits plans allow employees to choose the best mix of benefits for them; can be hard to manage
Labor Relations
activities managers engage in to ensure they have effective working relationships with the labor unions
Represent worker’s interests to management in organizations.
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)
enforces employment laws.
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