Contemporary Direct and Interactive Marketing Chapter 8

Electronic instrumentation of radio and television, including local radio and television stations, radio and television network, and cable televisions systems.
Cost Per Response (CPR)
The most valid measurement for the direct marketer in television
Cost per Viewer (CPV)
Gross Rating Points (GRPs)
the number of target consumers exposed to a commercial at least once during a specific period, usually four weeks
A measure of how many times the average person in the market is exposed to the message.
program-length (30-minute) advertisements that take an educational approach to communication with potential customers
Media Efficiency Ratio (MER)
Viral Videos
A video could be said to have gone ‘viral’ when it has been shared online by many people.
Advantages to TV
-Provides a wide choice of cost alternatives
-Quick response
-Large impact in short time periods
Disadvantages to TV
-Short lived responses
-High cost to produce and place TV ads
-Limited Time
Lack of tangible response device
Advantages to Radio
-Relatively low cost
-Message can be molded with disc jockey chatter
-Changes can be made up to the very last minute
-More flexible than TV
Disadvantages to Radio
-No permanent response device
-No visual impact
-Noise (distractions)

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