Consumer Marketing Chapter 15

Internal Search
relevant informaiton used to determine things as
1) Is a satisfactory solution known
2) What the characteristics of potential solutions are
3) What appropriate ways exist to compare solutions
External Search
relevant to solving the problem which can include:
1) Independent sources
2) Personal sources
3) Marketer-based
4) Product experience
Ongoing search
done to acquire information for possible later use and because the process itself is pleasurable
Four Categories of Decision Alternatives
Awareness Set
Inert Set
Inept Set
Evoked Set
Awareness Set
composed of brands consumers are aware of
Inert Set
brands consumers are aware of but are NEUTRAL towards
Inept Set
brands consumers view NEGATIVELY
Evoked set
brands or products one will evaluate for the solution of a particular consumer problem
A consumer decision requires info from
1) The appropriate evaluative criteria for the solution of a problem
2) The existance of various alternative solutions
3) The performance level of characteristic of each alternative solution on each evaluative criterion
Five Primary
1) Memory of past searches, personal experiences, and low invovlement learning
2) Peraonal sources, such as friends, family
3) Independent sources, such as magazines, consumer groups, and gvt agencies
4) Marketing sources, such as sales personnel, websites, and advertising
5) Experimental sources, such as inspection or product trial
Internet Search
-Gives us unprecedented access to information
-Behavior targeting
-Search Engine Optimization
Behavior Targeting
involves tracking consumer click patterns on a website and using that information to decide on banner as placements
Search Engine Optimization
involves techniques designed to ensure that a company’s webpages are accessible to search engines and focused in ways that help improve the chances they will be found
Local mobile serch
searches for information from a mobile device pertaining to the current or future planned, geographic location of a consumer
Four Basic Types of Factors that can Influence
1) Market characteristics
2) Product characteristics
3) Consumer characteristics
4) Situation Characteristics
Market Characteristics
Includes the number of alternatives, price range, store distribution, and information availability
Product Characteristics
feature and quality variation across brands
Consumer characteristics
variety of consumer characteristics affect perceptions of expected benefits, search costs, and the need to carry out a particular level of external information search
Situation Characteristics
Temporal perspective, physical and social surroundings
Strategies bas on information search patterns
1. Maintenance
2. Disrupt
3. Capture
4. Intercept
5. Preference
6. Acceptance

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