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However, the rupee income classifications by themselves do not present a realistic picture of market potential for a foreign business enterprise, because of significant differences in purchase power parities of various currencies. In fact, the Indian rupee has a very high purchase power parity compared to its international exchange value. For instance, while the exchange rate of one US dollar is 48. 501 Rupees, the domestic purchasing power of a US dollar in the US is closer to the purchasing power of Rs 6 in India, for equivalent needs and services.

As a result, India ranks fifth in the world, on purchase power parity terms, despite being aving low per capita national income (IJS$ 340 per capita). Consumer Classes Even discounting the purchase power parity factor, income classifications do not serve as an effective indicator of ownership and consumption trends in the economy. Accordingly, the National Council for Applied Economic Research (NCAER), India’s premier economic research institution, has released an alternative classification system based on consumption indicators, which is more relevant for ascertaining consumption patterns of various classes of goods.

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