Consumer Behavior: Core American Values (Anthropology/Cultural Side of Marketing)

Definition: “sum total of learned beliefs, values, and customs that serve to direct the consumers behavior of members to a particular society…”
– few in number, difficult to change, guide culturally appropriate behavior
“The way you learn your culture.”
“When you go to another country.”
U.S. Core Values (permeate what the consumer does — 13)
1. Individualism
2. Freedom
3. Work Ethic
4. Materialism
5. Achievement
6. Humor
7. Busy/Time Orientation
8. Practical
9. Youth – Young Looks
10. Problem Solvers
11. Progress
12. Humanitarianism
13. Competition
U.S. most individualistic country in the world
Core differentiating value for U.S.
Work Ethic
hard work = progress = achievement
status comes from what we earn//owning large things
we work hard to achieve
Busy/Time Orientation
we want to work to achieve to buy materialistic goods
Problem Solvers
we want to progress over tradition
although motive maybe individualistic
Other Oriented Values (3)
1. Cooperation vs. Competition
2. Adult vs. Child
3. Masculine vs. Feminine
Environmental Oriented Values (6)
1. Maximum vs. Minimum Cleanliness
2. Performance vs. Status
3. Tradition vs. Change
4. Risk Taking vs. Security
5. Problem Solving vs. Fatalistic
6. Admiring Nature vs. Overcome Nature
Self Oriented Values (5)
1. Active vs. Passive
2. Material vs. Non Material
3. Hard Work vs. Leisure
4. Post Poned Gratification vs. Immediate Gratification
5. Humor vs. Serious
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