Consumer Behavior

A specific social class is usually defined by the amount of status that members of a specific class possess in relation to members of other classes Each class has its own lifestyle and consumer behavior pattern Prestige or value attached to the holder of a position is referred to as status and appropriate for example the role of doctor or nurses both these roles are very important from the pont of public healt but it goes without sayng that the former role is valued much . Factors responsible for social stratification

Authority : A person may have authority by virue of holding an authoritative position in various organization or on account of owning land and property Income: The lifestyle fashion views and consumption pattern of a person with high income will convey a message of sophistication and sometimes of insignia . Such people are looked upon highly by the society Occupation and achievement : Mostly an individual is born into the class . That is he automatically becomes a member of the class to which his parents belong However there are possibilities for social mobility through sheer hard work and determination

Education : It is another important parameter for measuring the value and status of an individual in a society . a professionally qualified person is accorded a higher status as compared to an ordinary graduate Civil service officers charted accounts lawyers etc Characteristic features of a social class : Be it a developed economy or a developing economy like India the society has certain characteristics which will distinguish it from other societies

Persons within a given social class tend to behave alike: Social classes are relatively permanent homogeneous divisions of he society with each social class showing similar life styles values status prestige interest and behavior pattern. Social class in hierarchical : persons are ranked as occupying inferior or superior positins according to their social class of status held by them in society . mwmbers of specific social class perceive memvers of otohre social classes as aivng either more or less status as coared to them

Social class is not measured by a single variable but is measures as weighted function of one’s occupation income wealth education status prestige etc The upper class consists of a very small percent of the population they thave the benefits of ging to the best schools ocuupy executive position and inculcate the values of living graciously upolding the family reputaitn and displaying a sense fo community reponsibilityes The middle class comprises of a relatively higher percent of the population and is grwoong at a phenomenal rate Such a class of peole earn suffiecnty high income their dirce is to earn professional excellence and membership int the higher class There with their limited income try to copy the life styles of the upper class that is evident in their choice of clothing furnishing etc The lower lass which has the highest percent of population consisting of semi skilled manual labor lower level of supervisors who draw lower salaries and hence have a limited cice and having no money to waste on luxury

Social class is continuous rather then concrete with individuals able to move into higher social class or drop into a lower class This mobility either up or down can take place wither with more industrializations or degree of urbanization few of the successful men today have moved up to the upper class through shear determination and knowledge Social influence on consumer behavior There are broadly three groups in society who can influence the buying behavior of individuals 1. Groups that serve as comparison points : this refers to such groups who will be used as comparison to evaluate the indiviudla status . marketers try to use the cricket stars to promote products like coke Pepsi TCS etc

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