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Though system thinking is beneficial to an organization it does not fully make the workforce to understand the dynamics of the organization and thus does not create a conclusive argument in managing change.

Also the implementation of system thinking into the organization was expensive thus resulted to minimal reliance on the concept. This curbed the availability of the necessary resources which are required to implement system thinking into the organization to effectively manage change.My attempt to rely on system thinking mechanism used by other organizations were fruitless as few many management groups had formulated the concept but were hindered from its implementation due to poor coherence of the workplace culture and system of the organization. Most of the executives did not grant me access to their intelligent systems because of privacy precautions.

Therefore I resulted to the use of recorded information from previous research studies and use of soft system together with the hard system to emanate system thinking (Bell et al., 2005).Impact of Technology on Managerial Decision Making Technology greatly improves managerial decision making which is attributed to positive organization performance. This is because decisions are made within a short time interval and a variety of sophisticated views are availed for the mangers to chose the most appropriate view to base their decisions. Therefore the overall decision making process becomes cost effective.Incorporation of new technology helps in management of changes into the system of the organization because the organizational culture becomes convenient; the strategies implemented into the organization’s functions are protected from unauthorized individuals and the organization gains global competitiveness.

For instance incorporation of ODSS, EIS and intelligent system into McCall Refrigeration helped in the socialization, externalization, combination and internalization of the projected ideas that lead to the formulation of the change plan in my project (McFarlan, 2004).Role of Ethics and Corporate Responsibility in the Organizational Change Management Ethics and corporate responsibility in management has changed the main focus of the organization from increasing the profit margins to recognizing and respecting the rights of employees and labor procedures defined in business policies. This further improves the existing employment relationship and encourages employee engagement. This further motivates the employees enabling them to embrace change in the culture of the organization towards the accomplishment of the stipulated goals and objectives of the business.

Therefore organizations are able to account for managerial change and formulate effective risk management strategies (Carnall, 2006). While developing my project I lacked sufficient resources to enable full incorporation of new ethical and corporate responsibility principles that is enough capital and time. However, I socialized with managers from other organizations to learn which corporate responsibility strategies worked and which did not this helped me save on costs.I also used information from recorded sources to gain views regarding corporate responsibility and the adverse effects of not adhering to business ethical codes.Reference ListBell, C. et al.

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