Conservation prompt

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How would you define conservation? In the two passages taken from “The Future of Life” by Edward O. Wilson shows the two viewpoints of conservation by environmentalists and anti-environmentalists. Each side seems to be radicals of their own pollen and very close-minded to the others side, They have no Intent on listening to each others opinion and they show almost a hatred for each other. Both the environmentalist and anti-environmentalists believe that the pother Is not genuine about their beliefs but trying to get power in government.

Each seem to be stubborn and somewhat immature in how to resolve this. For example, the environmentalists argue that international policy makers do not pay attention to the government so they believe that the ONLY recourse they have is to protest at meetings which would cause conflict and chaos between the two groups. Surely there is another, more civil way to protest beliefs or discuss opinions rather than making such a bold action. The “People First” critics, aka anti-environmentalists, show a very racist and narcissistic tone while speaking of environmentalists.

In the second sentence the anti-environmentalists make several references to the environmentalists stating the different names they call them “depending on how angry they are. ” Examples of these names are “greens and environmental wacko. ” The anta-environmentalists argue that there Is a hidden agenda behind the beliefs of the environmentalists which is “they want for environmental laws and regularity surveillance to create government-supported Jobs for their own kind of bureaucrats, racers, and consultants. The anti-environmentalists believe that the environmentalists take away our rights, mostly property rights. Sarcasm is most definitely shown when the ant-environmentalists make the analogy of the Pennington College student finding an endangered species act being passed. He shows irony and hyperbole in this sarcastic comment. Although it seems the anti- environmentalists have been against the environment and have no concern, the passage concludes In them showing the belief of saving the environment but letting riveter property owners handle it because they know what Is best for the land.

The environmentalists share the same tone, sarcasm and narcissism, towards the anta- environmentalists. As the anti;environmentalists did, the environmentalists also stated many names that they called the opposing side such as “brown lashers and rosebushes. ” They also were very straight forward in their opinion towards the anti- environmentalists calling them the “worst bunch of hypocrites you’ll ever find. The environmentalists believed that the anti-environmentalists do nothing for the conservation of our environment but their idea of conservation is man-made such as stocking trout streams and planting trees around golf courses. The reason the environmentalists come off as such radicalism is because they feel their only way to be heard Is to protest. To prevent conflict of each side, they could be more open- minded to each other’s views. If they were more accepting of each other then they could work together to really help our planet and government.

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