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There have been many struggles in different parts of the universe. doing a batch of effects to the humanity and the natural environment. which has ever remained a soundless victim. Many people have been killed because of these struggles. while doing batch of lay waste toing effects to the environment. During the war. a batch of pollutants are released to the environment which ends up impacting human existences and the natural resources.

Other resources are depleted in the ensuing struggles. The major concerns on the current issues about struggles. both internal and regional are found in the development states. These states do non hold the economic capacity to cover with the struggle state of affairs. hence doing the jobs even worse ( IRIN. 2007 ) .

Africa has had along clip history of civil war from the colonial times. and many are still evidenced today. Most of the African states battle over boundary lines. which were largely demarcated by the colonialists. These are regional struggles. while internal struggles arises due to the people contending for scarce natural resources. for case fertile farming land. and H2O.

The Sudanese president is a wanted adult male on the list of the International Criminal Court ( ICC ) for offenses against humanity in the struggle that has been taking topographic point in the state for about 20 old ages. go forthing 100s of 1000s of people dead ( Goldberg. 2009 ) .

Causes and Effectss of War in Sudan

There has been a long civil war in Southern Sudan that has led to the international community through the United Nations and the African brotherhood to seek and broker peace. The war witnessed in the part is considered as a battle between the different cultural and tribal groups ( IRIN. 2007 ) . The largely known conflicting groups are the authorities side and the Janjaweed Rebel group. There is nevertheless other smaller Rebel groups that have complicated the affair farther.

The major cause of the war in Sudan has been attributed to contending for H2O between the Baggara nomads who moved to the South ( an country occupied by the farming community ) . in hunt of H2O. This struggle has led to many deceases in the part. despite the presence of the peace forces.

There are other grounds that have been cited as holding contributed to the struggle. although the major ground has been the addition in population which the natural resources are non able to keep. hence doing the groups to contend over the scarce resources. On the other manus. there have been claims that the Arab dominants. who are Muslims. have been contending the Black Africans. who are largely Christians to pass over them from the part. This is what has led to the US declaring this to be a signifier of race murder. which has taken topographic point under the ticker of President Al Bashir who the ICC wants arrested for the offenses ( Goldberg. 2009 ) .

As already mentioned. the war was triggered by contending for scarce resources. which was H2O. However. sing the continued battles. the environment is even endangered more. doing it more impossible to back up the population. This on the other manus aggravates the state of affairs when the natural resources are non able to back up them.

The struggle over resources in Sudan started at a local degree in Darfur part. but developed into going a national issue whereby economic and political marginalisation has been heightened. The state of affairs has been made worse because of ethnicity differences. Therefore. despite economic and political and spiritual factors lending to the struggle in Darfur Sudan. the major job has surrounded the environment.

The Sudanese Arabians who are nomads moved due souths in hunt of greener grazing lands and H2O for their animate beings and entered the district of the Black husbandmans. taking to the two groups to conflict. The Black husbandmans complained to the Khartoum authorities. but on recognizing that the authorities was non acute on work outing the job. the Black husbandmans rebelled against the authorities. This rebellion led to contending between the people. destructing a batch of belongings. both manmade and of course ( Borger. 2007 ) .

The two groups contending each other have distinguishable life manners. hence through their battles ; each attempts to destruct the strategic countries that the other depends on. as a manner of weakening them. For case. the nomads normally would crop their animate beings on the harvests of the husbandmans. destructing their beginning of support. On the other manus. the husbandmans set the graze land for the nomads on fire so that they lack carnal provenders. Furthermore. as the nomads are known of traveling from one part o another in hunt of greener grazing lands. the husbandmans have blocked their migration waies. coercing them to overgraze in one part. hence besides impacting their beginning of support. Such actions from both cantonments have made the state of affairs to be worse as the struggle continues.

Many of the refugees from Sudan have fled to the adjacent states like Chad. The refuges in the adjacent states have non made the refugees wholly safe. but have even put the lives of the occupants of the host state in danger. This is because the Janjaweed Rebels have been following the refugees to their cantonments. and assailing them from at that place. This has made the occupants in the host state who live near the refugee cantonments to travel off from them to countries that are more unafraid. In kernel. the citizens have been made insecure in their ain land. This on the other manus might therefore do struggle between the refugees and the citizens of the host state. which once more might lift to the national degree ( Gouroukoun. 2006 ) .


The major consequence of the Sudan’s struggle has been on the figure of the people who have been killed. This is fundamentally a major concern to everybody. including the human-centered groups that are largely found in Sudan. and the international community. However. it has to be understood that since the Sudan struggle is straight linked to the natural resources. which is an environmental. issue. the struggle has continued to impact the environment even to higher magnitude.

The Arab Sudanese have ever been cutting trees which the husbandmans have planted in their farms. every bit good as croping on the farmers’ harvests. On the other manus. the husbandmans have been firing the graze land for the nomads. All these actions have got damaging effects to the environment. The nomads moved due souths in hunt of greener grazing lands. yet they are cutting the trees that are of import in rain formation. so it is obvious that a dry enchantment would be in the part for a long clip.

On the other manus. as the Black husbandmans burn the graze land. this besides affects their agriculture activities since of import macro beings are killed. Therefore. all these environmental impacts would do the struggle to stay for a long clip as long the involved organic structures are merely concerned with work outing the immediate human-centered crisis. instead than looking at the root cause of the job. and how to debar it happening in future.


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