Computer Technology: the Good and the Bad. Essay

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In the following essay I hope to give it examples of, and show, the ways in which Computer Technology has changed our everyday lives and how it may change our future. Currently computers are taken advantage of, and it is not until a virus, or crash that people realise how much they have relied on their own Computer for work, or recreation. However, other people believe that the use of computers stints the growth of our social life and could make us lazy, as typing, or e-mailing is easier than writing and sending a letter. If you look on your everyday routine, you will notice that almost everything you do relies on Computers.

For example, the drive to work. In almost every car since around 1996 a new feature was added, the Sat. Nav. System. This is where your car has a small computer fitted in the boot, which sends out messages to figure out the best way to your destination, via. Satiellite. Lazy? Yes. Ingenious? Definitely. Some people may say that by doing this you are letting a Computer change your life. All it takes is one lose micro-chip, one small error, and before you know it you have been following a path to Castlewellan, rather than Belfast! It is this sort of mishap that causes a few, outspoken, people protest against the over use of Computers.

Another invention, which almost every person in Britain has access to is the Internet. Many regard the Internet as one of the best inventions of the 20th Century, while others regard it with suspicion and fear. The reason for their fear is that with a click of a button you can access more information than any Text Book could hold, and someone else can access more information about YOU. A single e-mail has recently done more damage than anyone care’s to estimate, and with the discovery of a more deadly “E-Virus”, named Code Red, has even the American Government running scared!

The most powerful nation in the world could be brought to a standstill, if by mistake a secretary, or intern opens up the deadly E-Mail, titled VFR Flight Plan. Once that has been opened, there is no going back, as it will mercisley tear through every connected computer in a matter of minutes, and before you know it the Presidents own Top Secret files from the 50’s have been destroyed. Of course, a lot of money has been spent on Preventing this, but on average two of these e-mails are received by EVERYBODY using a popular Internet service, i. e. Microsoft.

But on the other side of the Virtual Coin is the ‘fun’ side of the Internet. Message Boards, Chat Rooms and Interactive Forums are some of the most popular things on the net. In fact, one Internet Messageboard, community. sigames. com, has over 10,000 registered members. But what is amazing about that Message Board is that it is a Board based on a Computer Game. Just one! So if 10, 000 people want to talk about one Computer Game, imagine the amount that are willing to talk about a football team, or a TV Show-and it is there where two dangers lie.

The first, and some say less dangerous, danger is that some people get addicted to the Internet, and a Web Site. In fact, being a member of the aforementioned Message Board, I have seen some people spend as much as 36 hours on it! This sort of addiction is stamping out some peoples Social Lives, as through a Computer people are more at ease than in real life. But, these Virtual Friendships, which blossom on-line, cannot compensate for real one on one interaction. And so comes the second of the dangers.

Once an on-line Friendship has blossomed the two people may decide to meet up in the Real World. This is dangerous, and it’s dangers were outlined in a TV Soap, Brookside, as a Teenage Girl was roped into going to a Fourty Year Old Man’s house, who she had met in an Internet Chat Room. In real life this happens, and in June, a girl from Wales went missing after meeting u with her Internet Friend. She is yet to be found. There seems to be no limit to Technology, and another downside is the Military side.

At the minute Five countries, Britain, France, America,, China and Russia, all have the capability to wipe out any city in the world with the flick of a switch. This is due to the Technology each side has developed over the years, but while dangerous, some ask, Is it such a bad thing? Because of these capabilities each side has become scared in a way of they other. Everyone in the world knows that the next World War will be the most deadly of all, as no armies will fight one-on-one, but cities will be decimated with Nucluer Bombs, and Millions, probably billions will die.

Because of that realization, every country is unwilling to go into War, so Military Technology has, in a way, delayed a World War. So with billions on-line, and billions driving cars technology has made a difference to all our lives, but also holds our lives in its hand, ready to crush us. In summary, I have decided that the current technology is far too advanced for the mere public to be allowed access to. Most of the computerized technology is beyond most people’s wildest dream’s, so why should a risk to your life (although relatively small) by exposed?

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