computer chapter 8

when you type a URL into the address bar and press the enter key, internet explorer automatically adds _ to the URL and then displays the page
if you are using the internet explorer app via a touch screen, __ to move between recently viewed pages
a swipe a finger across the screen
you use the __ to conduct a search using the default search site for internet explorer
address bar
when using the internet explorer app, if a page extends below the bottom of the screen, point to the __ of the screen to display a vertical scroll
right edge
web pages are displayed on __ in the internet explorer desktop application
when you pin a web page to the start screen, it appears __
as a tile to the right of the tiles already on the screen
a __ is a shortcut to a web page saved in a list in the internet explorer desktop application
by default, web pages are kept in internet explorer history __
20 days
when using the mail app clicking the send button __
moves the message from your computer onto your email server
a red wavy line under a word you type in the message section of mail means __
the word is not in the built-in spell checker
you manually check for new incoming mail by ___
clicking the sync button on the apps bar*
if you receive an email message that includes multiple recipients, and you wish to respond back to the same list of recipients, use the __ command
reply all
a happy face or sad face image placed in a message text of an email is called
a(n) __ is a file you send with an email message
the collected information about a contact in the people app is called a(n)
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