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The first major I’m interested in is Chemistry. This requires 30 credits. With Chemistry, you pick a course curriculum in your major and then pick special topics courses and selections from other areas of chemistry that go with it. Chemistry can be helpful because in cosmetology you are working with chemicals sometimes. You would want to know what chemicals work together and which don’t so you don’t end up with an accident. For example, if you mixed a perm or hair dye wrong and the linens hair fell out, you could lose your Job or certification.

Another interesting major to me is Anthropology. It doesn’t fit in with my career but it would be interesting to take. You could get a career in forensic sciences, health services, cross-cultural field work, community development programs, state and federal employment, human services agencies, and museum work. You must earn a C or higher in all classes. Anthropology requires 36 credits, including 27 upper-division course credits. A Bachelor of Science in Computer Science is the last major I researched.

Departmental requirements is 52 credits. Non-Departmental requirements is 32-35 credits. They offer a wide range of different classes for you to pick from too. Again, you have to maintain a C or higher to earn your credits. Majoring In Computer Science doesn’t relate to the career I want to go into, but it is still a career where you can get a Job and make money. There are lots of Jobs related to technology and In the need of people with degrees in Computer Science.

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